Sunday, March 15, 2009

this is where i am now..

The is the first time i online since i went for my pangkor course on 11 mac. was staying at a budget resort there with no wifi (damn!) and on 13 mac moved here (Teluk Batik resort, Lumut) for kursus in-duk-si. There is nothing spectacular about this resort, just like a regular condo and without its own beach, unlike the marina cove or other more highend resorts.

Well the only thing i can say about this in-duk-si thing is that its really tiring with tight schedules. Its like waking up 6.30 or 7am everyday then exercise, attend useless lectures after lectures and then finish at 10.30pm everyday and the cycle repeats itself even on weekends. 

Just yesterday we were asked to go jungle trekking in the evening. Though im the type that never exercise one but still managed to complete the drill, fortunately. But the unfortunate thing is that on our way back rain starts pouring down and we were completed drenched and soaked... taken some pic but too horrible to show here :p

thats all for now. really tired. i think i'll post the pangkor and lumut experience later when i go back home. wish me good luck


Chris said...

IT;S BEEN ages i didn;t go to PANGKOR oredi..

bluesoul said...

chris: but u just went rome le...and many other interesting places envy u