Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hauled to court

Just got a call from the jungle's court magistrate where i used to work last time to attend a court proceeding, so called "subpoena" . Was told that it is regarding an assault case which happened while i was working there. I guess probably to testify in the court or something. I had never ever step inside a court all my life so far. The jungle is in faraway land somemore...feel so lazy to go. I fear the attorneys might try to grill my balls or something lor..haiz. Or am I thinking too much? You know, seeing how the MACC lawyer performed in the famous Teoh Beng Hock case....What if the lawyer accuse me of lying and postulate the possibility of "the victim strangulated himself"?

May I choose to not attend? -..-

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ah Soh's story-finale

Another sickly day. While I was coughing and balut-ing wantan in the room, suddenly someone open the door. Pung! There she is, appearing out of nowhere ali-baba style. It was just her and me, face to face. I immediately call in the next client, in case she try anything funny.

A middle-aged uncle came in. But she is still not budging. Damn..this technique doesnt seem to work anymore.

GET OUT!!!! I yelled. Poor uncle was shocked by my sudden scream. My bad. Didn't mean to induce heart attack on him..

”用不用這麼兇啊?” I heard her mumbling on her way out.

After 解決the uncle, its time to 解決 her once and for all! I gave a tinkle to the corporal officer. Efficient enough, the kancil police car came within few minutes. I greeted the corporal.

"Is that her?"
"Yup. The one in flowery dress sitting on the front row."

A policewoman approach her.
"Saya lapar..boleh belanja saya makan ah?" the psycho lady asked.
"Ya tentu boleh. Mari ikut saya, kita pergi makan!" the uniformed lady replied.

And so she was escorted out the lobby under the watchful eyes of a full audience. Even I felt paiseh cos the crowd was looking at me when I was talking to the corporal. I swear i even saw a few ladies laughed while trying to cover their mouth, though it was a pathetic effort since their mouth were just too big.

Apparently she tried to flee after stepped out of the entrance. But luckily the uniform team was able to capture her. Such drama. Such cunning psycho lady.

At noon i got a call from hospital bahagia. YES! She is finally safe and sound at her new playground...Adieu! May our path never crosses again in the future!