Saturday, March 28, 2009

pangkor finale

One of the many fishing boats parked there, with spotlights, nets, containers and stuff. A guy was sleeping inside when i took this pic haha...wonder how much can they catch in a day.

This is how it looks like...the ferry we're taking. Look good from outside but inside is quite noisy from the roaring sounds of the engines. Cabin is not very clean but tolerable. Better to go aboard the deck for sunlight and enjoy the surrounding view.

As u already know there is also a navy base over here. From the pic there is also a shipyard for maintenance and repairs it seems.

One of the navy patrol ships? Hmm....doesn't look very different from what i remember from my last trip here >10 years ago. Could it be still the same ship lol? I have no idea...Doesn't seem very advanced .. in fact it look downright obselete to me lol.

Lastly, a magnificent piece of art courtesy of me while listening to boring lecture :P
Line back home quite slow...upload these few pics oso taken an hour..i also removed some widgets so that the page can load faster. So this is the end of my Pangkor course cum trip. Short but a memorable one :)
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[SK] said...

hmmm, wonder what is so 超級 about that 星期五??? :)

bluesoul said...

sk: haha....tat friday is the day i change place from pangkor to teluk batik for another