Friday, July 31, 2009

so complicated!

Our world is getting more and more complicated, year by year...
I wonder why we have to make everything so darn complicated?
Everyday we are bombarded with so many choices to choose, decisions to make, issues to think about...why??

Many years ago before the advent of computers, we have barter system- u want my carrot? sure. Trade your char siew pau with me. After that we have calculators. People in the old days do businesses using calculators, not complex mathematical softwares and crazy formulas. Now is the advanced age. We use computers. Yeah sure its faster and more efficient. Its godsend. And still, it cannot avert economic crisis for human!

Back to 10 years ago or so, we only have Aspirin for heart attacks in this part of the world. Now, we have newer drugs like Plavix, warfarin and what nots. Yes it definitely help to prolong people's life (or suffering depending on which context u see it). And then? so what? The same people who survive the heart attack ripen into old age, gets some nasty cancer later in life, or H1N1, or simply gets dumped by their children into nursing homes. U might think im exaggerating but its logical and possible definitely!

In our grandparents day, its either marry or dont get marry. Now we have marry, unmarried, married AND keep another outside, Open relationship, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transsexual, prostitutes, sex buddies etc.....

Even talking about sex, last time its just sex and thats it. Nowadays sex comes in many flavours-vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, threesome, orgies, etc etc....

My head is spinning now LOLZ

Just like this song by Avril Lavinge:

Tell me why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fancy a robotic bride?

I think the robotic dog Sony Aibo is kinda cute, but this is definitely taking it too much...

See for yourself:

The jerky movements, expressionless face, always-open-mouth (i wonder for what purpose?) can somebody tell me which of her (or it) is sexy? And the greenish thing when the light is off is just disgusting and creepy! Btw, her mother in turban looks equally creppy LOL

I dont think it would do well even if it was manufactured as sex dolls LOL. Perhaps in the near future after the scientists improve the movement and functions, it would become more suited to be !gasp! Terminator?

Imagine if she is built-in with Wimax, wifi, bluetooth and other more advanced connectivity options, she could control devices around her remotely. And she can be a real fearsome opponent hehe..

Thinking slightly on a deeper level, why is Japanese scientist so interested in robotics and these androids? I dont think its as simple as making a companion human or dog for the general population. I fear it serves a great potential in military purposes, possibly in the near future...Or am i thinking too much? :P

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


暗戀means to secretly admire somebody. And nope, im not talking about myself here.

This is a new song by Zchen 張智成, a Malaysian singer.

I think its a nice song that depicts the love and bitterness of a gay person towards his/her straight friend. However, IMHO, whether its straight love or gay love, when there is no point to continue on, its time for us to learn to let go...

The letting go process is undoubtedly a slow and painful one. However, it is the only way to minimize suffering. Why continue to indulge in something unfruitful and miss the forest for the trees? U would hope for the best for the one u love/loved, even if his other half is not you...and hopefully you would find your true love someday.

What do u think?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cool iPhone app

check out this cool and hilarious clip of an iphone app by cnet applebyte:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Its the Durian's season!

Yes...the great durian season is here again! Durian was named as the king of fruits because of its nutritions value and ?odour. LOL im not sure myself. But working in a rural clinic during the season can prove to be disastrous...

Mari mari durian sale.....

Lately the patients' blood pressure and sugar levels have skyrocketted many times. Why? Because these kampung people loves these fruits so much, they gulped down these fruits (durians and rambutans in particular) like they are kacang puteh!

Its is a tough mission, no..i rephrase. Its a mission impossible to ask these villagers to stop or cut down on their seasonal fruits consumption! And they dislike coming to the clinics for their follow-ups as well. Well...cant really blame them entirely. Because when they come to the clinics, BP and sugar will be no doubt high, then will get screwed (i mean advised) by the medical officers, take more bloods for checkup, have to take more medications now that BP and sugar has gone up. Any wonder why they dont like to go clinic?

On the other hand, its really difficult to make them understand the importance of taking care of their own health, so called self-empowerment in own health. This is something really lacking in the Malaysian population in general. Its hard to tell them to avoid or do something when the bad things have yet to occur.

How to tell them the benefits of taking extra care on their own health? Now the world has changed, and at a fast pace too. Health and financial security is the least thing u can still depend on our government to take care for u. Not to mention in this Bolehland!

How to tell them that, because ur taking good care of yourself, u are...

-walking to the clinic instead of bound on a wheelchair (leg amputated from diabetes, inmobility from stroke)

-talking to me instead of mumbling (because of stroke)

-still able to take your favourite food once a while instead of taking food via a tube where your family pour milk into the tube to feed into your stomach (stroke again)

-still able to see the sunshine and moonlight everyday (blindness from cataract/stroke/diabetes)

-enjoy time with your family instead of going to the dialysis center 3 times a week and spend thousands of dollar a month for your dialysis (kidney failure)

-able to climb a flight of stairs without having chest pain or shortness of breath (heart attack)

and the list goes on and on......

Come come eat me eat me!

Rambutans..."rambut" means hair in Malay

So please enjoy your durians and rambutans, but at the same time limit your intake, if u treasure quality of your life :P