Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend getaway to ........

Just let the pictures do the talking :)

Juicy oranges and watermelon. yumyum..

naughty monkeys abundant

claypot tiger prawn in special sauce

fish spa RM10 for 20 minutes. Didn't feel much difference on my feet after that though haha..

cosy dining

tasteful deco at restaurant

Think of an island. Getaway from the hecticness of daily life. Need the break from Hell :P

Soft sand on my feet, with the sea waves caressing..

Cheap liquors everywhere...i love these bottles' design!

Cosy dining at Putumayo, outstanding restaurant of year 2010/2011 ..

Another fine dining place named "seafood and steakhouse". A must-visit place for the food and romantic atmosphere when ur here!

The best Mojito in the island! Or so the waiter Opted for alcoholic beverage since liquor is cheaper than mineral water over here ;)

Comfy ambient. Attentive service. Yummilicious food. Whats not to like? I could sit for hours here.

Poor me was totally burnt, notice the obvious V neck line. LOL.
On the left is Tuna sandwich set from the only Mexican cafe around the beach. Big set for just RM6+. truly value for money, compare to cafes elsewhere along the road.

Should be obvious now where is this place, isn't it? haha..

Fatty monkey who snatch food from island's unsuspecting visitors. 
What ur looking at? Don't be jealous of my big balls! :P