Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dildo-shaped Advance Thermometer for H1N1 flu, anyone?

Our caring health ministry in stepping up effort to further stem the spread of H1N1 swine flu in the country, recently introduced some advanced thermometer to be used in the hospitals and health clinics recently.

If u read the labels on the box, it says "Non-contact thermometer", "hygienic and safe, easy to use, without touching your baby". Why non-contact? Because the thermometer is a state-of-the-art thermometer that uses infrared beams to take your temperature.

Now take another good look at the thermo, i don't know about u. But the more i look at it, the more it resembles...yes, a dildo! While some of u may disagree, because u might think it looks more like a gigantic sperm!

So how do u use it? To use it, simply point the dildo to your babe's forehead, oops sorry! ....simply point the thermo to your baby's or patient's forehead and press the button. A red colour light will show up and after 1-2 seconds, the reading will be out and ur done!

Simple and easy to use. Non-contact. Dildo/sperm-shaped thermometer! Would u like to try?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The new iPhone 3GS is officially out with new Macbook Pro too!

Following Apple's WWDC, the new iPhone 2009, dubbed iPhone 3G(S) is officially out now. The (S) stands for speed, suppose to mean it performs faster than the old iPhone.

The specs are as mentioned in my iphone rumor post .The bump up from 16GB to 32GB is welcomed cos it means u can now store double the amount of music, videos and apps in your iphone. However, i personally feel that it should have done better. Look at the details here:

-VGA@30fps video recording (now is already the age of HD video on phone la..Think samsung omnia HD)

-auto focus camera 3.2 Megapixel with touch focus (samsung pixon and Sony Satio (Idou) is already shipping with 12 MP camera. What is 3.2 MP???)

-macro mode 10cm (my 1 year+ old SE W810i already can do better than that..)

- voice command interface (yes its useful IF im visually impaired. But then if i am visually impaired, i would not buy a touchscreen phone anyway, for obvious reason??!)

-compass (i wonder how useful is this function...when im trapped in Amazon jungle?)

If u ask me the REAL noteworthy point about this upgrade, i think the significant difference would be:

-32GB VS 16GB storage
-iPhone OS 3.0 with MMS etc intact (again not something new)
-Longer battery life (up to 5 hours on 3G and 12 hours on 2G)

well...thats about it, IMHO. So if ur an existing owner of the old iPhone, i dont think its an worthy upgrade. If ur a new user, then probably yes. But still for this price close to RM3000, i would really really expect Apple can do better than this.

On the other hand, the NEW Macbook seem more enticing offer to me.
Apple has bummed up the 13 inch Macbook to the Macbook Pro line. Price for the entry line model have also been brought down from RM4799 to RM4499!!

Now the new Macbook Pro 13 inch also sports an SD card slot, with keyboard backlighting, which was only present in the higher spec Macbook previously. The battery life been extended to 7 hours now after it was switched to non-removable battery. Aluminium unibody and other goodies are still there. Spec from apple Malaysia:

My 6 month old Macbook so fast already become obselete....Haiz....but it's ok. Difference is not to say VERY great, but its nice to have, such as:
-2.0 GHZ to 2.26GHZ
-price drop from RM4799 to Rm4499
-SD card slot
-backlighting keyboard

Throughout this 6 months of me using the Macbook, i would say its a great little laptop to have. Its definitely a head turner everywhere i bring it :P
The built in software are nice. The biggish touchpad with multitouch gesture was awesome. The removable battery makes replacement easier than changing your car tyre. I would prefer a matte screen rather than a glossy one though.

Do i miss playing games on PC? Nope. WHY? Because i seldom play games anyway. AND i do have spore, World of Goo, Age of empires III, Fallout III on my laptop. All these games play alrite because of the built-in NVIDIA graphic chip. Furthermore, i DON'T need a Mac version of the game to play. Why?

Because i have both MacosX and windows 7 running side by side in my Macbook. Problem solved :P But really, 99.9% of the time im just using the good old MacOSX.

Bottomline? This is the time to buy a brand NEW Apple Macbook Pro!

p.s. Anyone wanna sponsor me the new Macbook Pro....?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nodame Cantabile-recommended anime

I was brought into the wonderful world of animes (japanese animation) by my roommate back when i was still in uni days. For those of u who doesn't know what im talking about, i guess u should at least know sailormoon, pokemon, doraemon? LOL.

But animes, just like movies, comes in various ratings and level of maturity to cater to different category of audience. So its not all kiddie stuff like pokemon etc. Lately i happen to come across a nice anime called "Nodame Cantabile". I have finished watching the first season and i must say its pretty entertaining.

Plot Summary: At a top music academy in Japan, Shinichi Chiaki's arrogance is matched only by his top-notch piano playing. But when Chiaki and the teacher get into a fight, he's demoted to the reject class. Chiaki is left to pursue his dream of being a conductor while surrounded by a bunch of loser musicians and one annoying girl, Noda, who has proclaimed herself Chiaki's girlfriend. It doesn't help that Noda, who insists on being called Nodame, lives right next door to him...

The artwork is simple but convey messages well. The music is quite nice, though im not an audiophile or music afficiando to know how classical music should sound like :P But i think the most interesting part is it actually manage to give me a glimpse of how is it being in a orchestra team looks like. I was never a classical music enthusiast but suprisingly i enjoyed the series. The chemistry between the main male and female protagonist was nice and funny at the same time. So if u happened to like anime, do give it a try.

Out of curiosity, found some nice orchestra performance here (IMHO) haha. I never been to a real live performance before. Hope i have chance to see one:)

The first one by our very own Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Nice? Next up: Final Fantasy X To Zanarkand - Orchestra Live. This one gives me goosebumps when i hear it for the first time! Its totally awesome!! Im a big fan of Final Fantasy game series haha...

and finally...Final Fantasy VII One Winged Angel (Eminence Symphony). Enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cryonics gives the power to be reborn after death?

What is cryonics?

Cryonics is the practice of using very cold temperatures to stop the dying process when ordinary medicine can no longer sustain life. This is done with the intention of saving a patient's life until a cure for their illness can be found, and means developed to reverse the cryonics process. The technology to reverse cryonics is still theoretical.

This is a controversial issue because so far no human has ever been revived using this technology. Cryopreservation is not yet reversible with the level of technology we possess today, however the scientists behind are backing on tomorrow's technological advances to bring them back to life..

Currently there is a corp called Alcor Life Extension Foundation located at Scottsdale, Arizona, that is offering this cryonic service. Alcor offers two options: for whole body preservation you would need a minimum policy of $150,000, and for neuropreservation you would need a minimum policy of $80,000. U might ask what is neuropreservation? Well, i did check that up in their official website.

According to their FAQ, Cryopreservation that is focused on doing the best possible job to preserve the human brain is called "neuropreservation." The brain is a fragile organ that cannot be removed from the skull without injury, so it is left within the skull during preservation and storage for good ethical and scientific reasons. This gives rise to the mistaken impression that Alcor preserves "heads". It is more accurate to say that Alcor preserves brains in the least injurious way possible. As a practical matter, cephalic isolation (or "neuroseparation") is performed by surgical transection at the sixth cervical vertebrae. Non-cryopreserved tissue is handled in accordance with member wishes. Cremation is common. To make it sound less scientific my guess is that it means preserving the brain with the skull intact and other body parts are handled cremation.

Now u may ask, is there really someone who would go all the way to resort to cryonics to so-called be reborned again in the unknown future? The answer is a resounding YES! As of March 31, 2009, Alcor has 888 members and 85 patients (means body or part of body currently being cryonised). See the membership graft here.

Curious to see how it looks like? I bet u do!

The operating room at Alcor's Scottsdale, Arizona, facility.

The operating room becomes very busy during a cryonics case. As many as a dozen technicians, surgeons, and support staff are required. Procedures are supervised and performed by medical professionals.

A technician prepares the cryoprotectant solution perfusion circuit. The wires behind the plastic tubing are used for electronic monitoring and data collection.

And this...
Following vitrification, neuropatients are placed in individual aluminum containers.

Containers are finally immersed in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C for long-term care.

These containers are nicknamed "Bigfoot". Each Bigfoot can hold four wholebody patients, or 10 neuropatients in each space that would otherwise be occuppied by a whole body patient.

So the ultimate question now is, would u or would u not, register yourself for cryonics? To be reborn after death? For me, one lifetime is already quite enough LOL. I think life is suffering in itself, to be reborn is like going through the whole thing again. Who else would still be around me when i wake up one day in the unknown future? My family? My friends? My pet? Not to mention would that day even come? Is there a possiblity that the earth was being polluted so badly that the future human all migrated to space and left these cryonics on earth? And if it does work, im seriously thinking would the future be as written in the anime "Ghost in the shell"...the world full of cyborgs and cybernetics. If u are watch anime then u would know what i mean.....Or would it be like "i,robot" or the movie "A.I."?

What do U think? Would u be the next client? :)

And if ur still wondering if im just writing fiction, please surf to The official website for Alcor corp.

*Pictures and information are sourced from*