Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Scent of Summer

Burberry Summer 2009

 This limited edition presented in 2009 and created by Emilie Coppermann, opens with fresh and pleasant aromas of green apple, mint, lime and yuzu. A heart incorporates cumin and driftwood, while a base hides cedar, amber and white musk. The nose behind this fragrance is Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann. 

In the car, he slipped his hand to the passenger seat and handed over a white-blue rectangular package to his beau. "Happy Birthday". The beau seem unfazed by what was presented to him, just scanning the package with much detail, didn't say a thing. He felt slightly disappointed. Not that he was expecting a thankyou, but a warm smile in return wouldn't have hurt. He drove his beau back home nevertheless, keeping mum about his unsettling feeling. "Bye.."

On the way back, a thousand thoughts were running through his mind. What could this mean? Too excited until speechless? Not interested at all? The gift was not good enough? Suddenly a familiar tune was playing. A SMS came in.

"I never expected you will give me that as a present. I thought you would have treated me to a dinner...Don't splurge on these in the future... Not your style, you have always been a thrifty person....... I love the fragrance"

"It's not so much about the price of the item but the idea that i remember what you told me. You said you would very much like to have one for yourself, right? Now THAT is really PRICELESS :)  I thought you didnt like it..." He replied his beau.

"I LOVE IT. Bring you to a nice dinner place tomorrow..."

He shakes off his negative thoughts earlier on and lie sprawling on the bed. Knowing that he would probably get a sweet dream tonight...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Facebook 面書

So many of my friends are using facebook day in and day out.

But facebook actually can give you hell of a problem :)

Take a case of someone I know. Lets call her M. M is in the process of changing job, to another company because she is very fed up with her superior. One day, she wrote something on her facebook wall. Its says :"I cant take it anymore! Enough..u big bully!!" Then subsequently she got a reply :" 飲水要思源“ The chinese proverb means one should be grateful for whoever has helped them along the path. Guess who wrote the message? Yup, her superior.

Lesson of the day. Never, ever, ever ever ever ever add your colleague or boss in your facebook profile. Never, ever, ever ever ever blast them in your facebook wall. Its as good as farting right in front of them. Unless of cos, thats your intention and ready to bear the consequences.

I know of so many people indulging in Facebook games at work and after work. Its addictive i guess (i never played). But think about how unproductive this is. Instead, do something productive. Read a good book, watch a nice movie, go makan, rob a bank, have sex. Whatever...

Facebook is a wealth of personal information. Or should i say the net is. Just give me your username, or email etc and I can probably find 10 things about you within a matter of minutes. Your fullname, address, your friends, your favourites, your hobby, your likings, your last sexpedition....

Mother: Have you been reading lately, son?
Son: Yes, mum.
Mother: Goodboy. And what have u been reading, dear?
Son: Its a book. Face-book.
Mother: .....

OK...Time to see my friends' updates... Ciao! :P

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No frills

I wonder if Airasia will degrade to this one day later?

Whats next? No-frills-condom with 1mm pores for no-frills-fun? LOL..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I gotta do...

Used to reschedule work roster just to meet you,

Unable to shake off the feeling of uncertainty and disappointment when contents of my letters were ignored,

Afraid to tell you my inner struggle when new faces appear in your social circle, on the assumption of being friends,

Feeling incompetent when im not there beside you in your unhappy moments,

Pretending not to hear anything when you reminisce your old theme song, though it hurts, it hurts…

What I gotta do to make you love me…

What I gotta do to make you care…

What do I do when lightning strikes me…

Everywhere I find, and you’re not there…

What I gotta do to make you want me…

What I gotta do to be heard…

What do I say when its all over…

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A short trip that flew by..

Finally reached home last night after rows of sitting in MRTs, plane, bus and car until my bum become flat already. Legs are still aching from all the non-stop walking for the last 5 days. Time to unpack and settle bills and prepare for work once more!