Sunday, March 29, 2009

iphone 3g

After my apple macbook bought late last year, the next gadget on my wish list this year is undoubtedly the king of smart phones, the iphone 3g!

Why? Because its an Ipod+internet tablet+phone 3 in 1! and its so cool. The user interface and fluidity is so far still unprecedent! Moreover with so many app can download from App store!

The Iphone 3g is currently available in Malaysia through Maxis as seen here! However i still think that the contract is too pricey for the average Malaysian like me! My phonebill usage currently is only around RM40 a month (yes i seldom call unless really necessary). Their rate plan is as follow:

Its really on the exorbitant side considering you are tied to maxis for the stipulated period of the contract. Plus the data usage is limited as u can see above in most of the plans.

The is a company selling iphone online in malaysia. Its currently selling iphone 3g 16gb for Rm2799 unlocked with no contract. However after sales support is a question remained to be seen. (Im not affliated with this company ok? This is NOT a promotion on my blog)

Thus, im still saving for it lol. From casual surfing in the net, i found that there is rumour circulating around that a new iphone is coming out this year probably in June as customary of Apple. The rumour is further backed by news that Apple is buying chips in bulks in preparation for the new launch! According to some sources, the new iphone is going to be smaller and more affordable with new features, probably coincide with the new iphoneOS 3.0 coming out soon this summer...

So till then im saving my appetite and keep my fingers crossed :)

p.s Anyone who knows where can get unlocked iphone3g with no contract and lower price pls let me know! haha

Saturday, March 28, 2009

pangkor finale

One of the many fishing boats parked there, with spotlights, nets, containers and stuff. A guy was sleeping inside when i took this pic haha...wonder how much can they catch in a day.

This is how it looks like...the ferry we're taking. Look good from outside but inside is quite noisy from the roaring sounds of the engines. Cabin is not very clean but tolerable. Better to go aboard the deck for sunlight and enjoy the surrounding view.

As u already know there is also a navy base over here. From the pic there is also a shipyard for maintenance and repairs it seems.

One of the navy patrol ships? Hmm....doesn't look very different from what i remember from my last trip here >10 years ago. Could it be still the same ship lol? I have no idea...Doesn't seem very advanced .. in fact it look downright obselete to me lol.

Lastly, a magnificent piece of art courtesy of me while listening to boring lecture :P
Line back home quite slow...upload these few pics oso taken an hour..i also removed some widgets so that the page can load faster. So this is the end of my Pangkor course cum trip. Short but a memorable one :)
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Monday, March 23, 2009

pangkor part 5

A seashore village in the evening....after that we continue riding our bike and then we came to another place..called the Dutch Fort...

From whats written here in Malay it says that the Dutch Fort is located in southern part of the island. It was erected around 1680 by the Dutch to defend against pirates and local guerilla's attacks. It was also used to supervise the transfer of precious minerals here during the wartime eg tin ore.

some carricatures on the field but cant understand what it says :p

It was already 8pm when we finish exploring the Dutch fort. Then we rode to the town center nearby to cure our hunger...haha. Since this is an island we thought we might as well try some of its seafood.

And so we (2 people) ordered a fish dish which is fried and laden with satay sauce, a deep-fried taufu and a vege and rice...The dishes tastes alright...and then the receipt costs a whopping RM48!! Guess we were ripped off when they saw us carrying camera and stuff...which means we are not locals haha..Or maybe just that the fish is really that expensive...I dont know cos i don't even know what fish is that.....i only know how to eat....hehe

Saturday, March 21, 2009

pangkor part 4...

If only i can upload more than 5 pics at one go, i would not have to separate into so many parts..haiz..

Here showing what looks like a ship builder site by the shore...most likely for fishing purposes i guess...uses a lot of wood as u can see.

A pic by the seashore village....

A bit further down then we came to the town area. Transport here mainly uses motorcycles and small cars due to the narrow roads in the island. There is no traffic lights, no round abouts. Just a narrow trunk road connecting the whole island.

There were a lot of shops in the town selling anchovies or "ikan bilis" in all sizes, the dried squids, satay fish, dried prawns, etc...

part 5 coming soon....hehe

pangkor part 3...

We rented a motorcycle that evening for round island trip. It costs Rm30 for 1 day but most of the time the owner never fill up the tank before renting to the tourist. U can rent from your resorts or one of the shops near the beach. So be smart and check which motorbike has the most fuel and check that the brake and lamp is functioning properly.

why? Because when u round island with the bike its like a roller coaster ride due to the very wavy terrain. One second ur going up a steep hill and then the moto is like having barely enough "oomph" to carry 2 people up. Then another second ur rolling down the hill while u pray hard the brake is The moto we used was half tank full but the brake was not very effective. Luckily we didnt rolled down hill with the bike lol.

Example of one of the shops renting motorcycles...

If u go round island u get to see the houses built by the shores and the people living around there...some involved in fishery business.

Another wooden plank house by the beach with a ?jetty. More after this....

Friday, March 20, 2009

pangkor part 2...

Keeping snapping pictures by the beach while listening to the tidal waves...

The budget resort we were staying..nothing fancy or spectacular...seem like government coffer is also draining out

A pair of hornbills resting atop the signboard...caressing each other like are abundant in this island ...they are everywhere...and they make peculiar sounds...sound like monkey actually :)

Now no more love already..haha. sorry for the poor quality pics. My cam not great when the light is inadequate.
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HIV course at Pangkor Island Part 1..

I attended a HIV course in Pangkor island lately. Been ages since the last time i was there when i was a kid...perhaps more than 10 years? lol. It was a 3-day course talking about HIV/AIDS. But being a delinquent doc that i am, of cos i would not waste any time in exploring the place as soon as the chance comes. The beach above is just a short distance from the budget resort we were staying called pangkor Bayview Beach Resort. My friend Yew and I went after the class finished around evening. so it was dusk oledi by the time we get to the beach. Nice scenery yes...nice beach no...the beach was littered with lot of rubbish friend even stepped on a fluorescent lamp! Good thing he was wearing slippers. Local authority please take note if u read this!

Another landscape pic taken with my ancient nikon e3200. Nice breeze...

Me posing by the beach...yes i know i need to slim down my face...anyone can help?

A pondok by the beach providing canoe, boat trip and snorkelling services. But didnt see anyone snorkelling around here probably bcos the water around here is not too clear...
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

this is where i am now..

The is the first time i online since i went for my pangkor course on 11 mac. was staying at a budget resort there with no wifi (damn!) and on 13 mac moved here (Teluk Batik resort, Lumut) for kursus in-duk-si. There is nothing spectacular about this resort, just like a regular condo and without its own beach, unlike the marina cove or other more highend resorts.

Well the only thing i can say about this in-duk-si thing is that its really tiring with tight schedules. Its like waking up 6.30 or 7am everyday then exercise, attend useless lectures after lectures and then finish at 10.30pm everyday and the cycle repeats itself even on weekends. 

Just yesterday we were asked to go jungle trekking in the evening. Though im the type that never exercise one but still managed to complete the drill, fortunately. But the unfortunate thing is that on our way back rain starts pouring down and we were completed drenched and soaked... taken some pic but too horrible to show here :p

thats all for now. really tired. i think i'll post the pangkor and lumut experience later when i go back home. wish me good luck

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

when we were little...



some old classmates in facebook posted these 2 ancient photos of yesteryears when we were in primary school. My original photos dunno gone where already :P hidden under stacks of books or files maybe. Looking back some have really become lengzai lenglui, some retained their same face literally! while me...i think pretty different from how i look now.haha...can guess which is me? No present though hehe.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dsLR vs point-and-click camera

This pic was taken 2 years ago when i backpacked to  Cambodia with friends. Top left showing floating market of Tonle Sap Lake, followed by the scenic mirror-like reflection of an unknown river. Top right showing horses grazing on a grassland plateau just opposite the mirror-like lake just now. Walk a bit more over a bridge is some buddha statues and gate shown on bottom left pic. Bottom right are the cute children of Tonle Sap community. Centerpiece is sunrise pic of Angkor Wat :)

All above pics were taken with my old Nikon e3200 (3.2 MP point and shoot camera). Been thinking whether i should move on the dsLR or other more advanced camera on the market. On the other hand, i dunno anything about exposure, aperture etc. Never taken photography lesson in my life. So i just point and click whichever angle i like :) Really like the simplicity of point-and-shoot. Hmm...should i or should i not change? Any pro here can give advice? :)
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Its Pangkor Bayview Beach Resort...吃炸糊了

previously i thought its pangkor laut beach resort that im going for course tomorrow...then look again the letter...aiya i made a mistake...its actually bayview beach resort. From the pic on the net look like heaven and earth between the two place..but nvm la since its free, i have no complaint haha..

this is how it actually look like...

as opposed to the Pangkor Laut Beach resort here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Super Duper animals-the dangerous rabbit mother, the cowardly cow and obese pig

Just come across this video in youtube. thought its pretty amazing so share here with everyone...Can u believe there is such size animal on the planet? Genetic mutation? Overfeeding? Overcondusive environment? But they sure are cute :)

what will be..will be..

sometimes songs like these helped me to untangle my chaotic feelings...cos im a guy who live beyond his time, not like what michael did in Back to the Future series, but what i mean is i have this tendency to think ahead alot...more like GAD (generalized anxiety disorder)...

still remember when i was in secondary school i frequently had insomnia cos my mind was always thinking "what would happen tomorrow? will i be ok? will i get punished cos i didnt finished some homework or something?" it would be like "god...daily on call till my replacement comes...god knows what kind of disaster case will come tomorrow.." , "what should i have for breakfast lunch dinner tomorrow?","where would i be 10 years from now?"

yes i know its useless thoughts...but i just seem to be unable to control it. Which brings me to one of the reasons i started this blog-- to document every single happy and less happy events in my life so that my mind is more occupied with whats happening today rather than whats in the future :)

like the lyrics .."what will be...will be"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

HP compaq 6720s

Yesterday helped my friend to buy a laptop replacing his ancient desktop...we went kinta city to catch lunch at Black Canyon then proceed with cinema to watch "Love Matters". Pretty hilarious especially the scene where Lai Meng try to castrate Lam Tuck Then we went Yik Foong Complex (sorta like Lowyat Plaza) here to get his laptop. After browsing through few shops finally settle for the one above..the HP 6720. Apparently HP was doing promotion for the model. specs as below. Also comes with the usual freegift and HP hamper....all together comes to a total of around 1600...I was the one doing the talking since my friend is not very well-verse with these things :)

-Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5470 (1.6 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 2 MB L2 cache)

-1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

-160 GB 5400 rpm SATA

-LightScribe DVD+/-RW SuperMulti with Double Layer

-15.4 inch diagonal WXGA anti-glare; 15.4 inch diagonal WXGA BrightView

-Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, with up to 384 MB shared system memory

-windows 7 beta

-1 year warranty

He only needs a basic laptop to work so the above spec should be quite ok i think. Seldom can get core2duo at this price. So what u think? i thought it was quite a deal..considering here is Ipoh not KL =)

Btw, came across a shop selling mainly Dell computers there and met a "cute" salesman there...i said cute bcos:

Me: Does this model come with any freebies?

Him: Erm..yes...if u really going to buy then i will discuss with my ah tau to see what we can do for u..

(i was thinking feebies should already be fixed rite? Y need to ask somemore leh?? and ....IF ur really going to is tat?? U think i cannot afford ka??..a little pissed off oledi)

Me: what freebies ur talking about exactly?

Him: (showing a laminated brochure with freebies option A,B,C?) U can pick any 10 objects from column A, but if u choose column B, each object is equals to 3 object A, etc etc.....i cant remember attention span is only so long :)

At this moment me and my fren is already scratching our head and making our way out liao....why on earth u wanna confuse we the poor customer like this le?? We are not rocket science scientist le..if we oso can get confuse, i cannot imagine what will happen to the poor uncle auntie who wanna throng the shop...

Its like telling someone if u wanna take me for dinner, u have to ask permission from my mother...but to see my mother u gotta see my father first, then even before u see my mother u have to make appt with the plastic surgeon first cos i scare she get heart attack when she see your "sui yong"....a long winded way to tell someone to f**k off. What a way to drive potential clients away lol...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pangkor Island Beach Resort..




Will be attending  a 3 day course in Pangkor Island Beach Resort from 11-13 march this month. Yay...can lazy for a while..hope the room is as good as advertised :)
lazying under the coconut tree by the beach watching the sunset...watching cuties bare all under the sun..ohoh im imagining too much haha.
pangkor here i come...!
after that 13-26 march i shall continue my journey to lumut where my induction course wil be held. But more on that later. 

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