Monday, July 26, 2010

It's a Monday morning

OMG guess what i saw today?

Just back from breakfast with parents at Wah Pan coffee shop, one of the old-timer kopitiam in old town. As I walked in, something strikes my vision like popcorn. 3 chinese guys and 1 black guy. All of them were at least 1.8m in height. At least one head length taller than me lor. All of them wearing those sleeveless basketball shirts. They were looking for a table. I was looking at them. LOL. Well actually the crowd in the kopitiam were staring at them too. Overheard an auntie saying: "Wah gam gou geh kui dei? Zhan hai gou ohh!" Haha...since when there is NBA tournament here?

Good looking not withstanding, the sleeveless shirts reveal their lean and fit biceps, triceps and deltoid muscles. Could u blame the lady patrons checking them out? Imagine a handsome black guy having breakfast with Daniel Wu, Wu Chun and Wang Li Hom on a table! OMG~我接受不到咯~

Am i being jealous? Hell yeah I am! LOL...

Btw, I also saw Mohan, a local Indian artist who sang chinese songs last time, sitting at another table. Here's one of his MV:

What a extraordinary morning :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Been pretty busy lately to update anything here. Busy with pigitization..

Pigitization=process of becoming pig

I used to be a light sleeper. I get awaken by the slightest noise when i sleep. I still remember there was once during the uni days, my uni-mates and I were in Genting for weekend fun. The guys were all sleeping in one room. Some of the guys could not resist the urge to checkout and perhaps donate their money to the casino. Me being innocent and naive plus good boy (still is), didnt join them that night. When the guys came back around 3am and knock the door, I was the only one waking up to their call else they would have to sleep outside :P

But things has changed a bit lately. This week alone i had slept from 7am to 6am the next morning on 2 different days! Thats freaking 11 hours gone! The daily driving to and from workplace for 50km per journey must have really taken toll on me.

Good thing is I actually have much better quality sleep nowadays though :)

p.s. Some female colleagues commented my FB pic look cute wor...OMG how did they find out when i didnt add them?? Im not syiok sendiri leh... pictures can be deceiving LOL..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here u see, now u don't!

The government money, that is....or more precisely, government coffers pumped in from its citizens.

"KUALA LUMPUR July 15 (Reuters) - Malaysia's government said on Thursday that it will hike fuel prices and sugar prices from Friday in a move that will save 

750 million Malaysian ringgit ($234.6 million) a year."

"The readjustment of fuel and sugar prices are minimal compared to the proposals submitted because the government wants to balance between maintaining the people's interests and the need to manage the country's (budget) deficit," Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a statement."

AND so we malaysians are supposed to heed the government advice to tighten up our belts, reduce your meals from 4 times to 3 times a day, use our hyper-efficient public transport instead of buying own cars to save the petrol and environment. But at the same time the government needs people like u and me to support their Pro-tong industry, that is supposed to be our nation's pride. Not to forget pay our taxes in time and better still, forget or ignorant of actual amount of money that we are actually taxable for.

"KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 870,630 taxpayers overpaid their taxes by RM10bil in 2009, said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein. He told Pendang Member of Parliement Datuk Dr Mohd Hayati Othman at the Dewan Rakyat that 838,644 taxpayers overpaid by RM8.6bil in 2008 while 654,606 taxpayers overpaid by RM5.4bil in 2007. Some 291,315 taxpayers overpaid by RM4.3bil in 2006.He said as of last year, the Inland Revenue Board had yet to refund 150,757 taxpayers. The board had also not sent refunds to 76,960 assessed in 2008 and 58,633 the year before. All tax payment would be kept in the Con solidated Fund, he said." 

Cantik sekali hor?

Well of course u cant blame the gov for needing so much fund for its project expansions. Our jungle still have lots of room for sustainability of more white elephants mah...


"ON June 23,  Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob outlined broad efforts to improve transparency and confront corruption, saying all reported cases will be fully investigated regardless of the position or status of those involved and that punishment will be swift and harsh. But before the policy can be fully implemented, there is the matter of the cost of building a new national palace for the country's sultans, which has doubled from RM400 million (US$124.2 million) to RM811 million since the contract was let – without bid - in 2006 under the premiership of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and may well triple, according to government insiders. 

Well-placed sources in Kuala Lumpur told Asia Sentinel that the RM811mil figure is only preliminary. The total cost is actually nearing RM1.2 billion and is expected to go higher, the sources said.

Malaysia's seventh richest individual, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, secured the original contract at RM400 million but the costs escalated with the involvement of royalty in the venture.

The favouritism allegedly shown on the Istana contract presents a challenge for Najib, who has publicly vowed to clean out rent-seeking and preferential treatment in government-linked contracts in his campaign to clean up Umno's tattered reputation.

It was brought up in cabinet in December by an MCA minister. Minister in the prime minister's department Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz reportedly replied:
"So what? It's the house of a Malay King, not a Chinese contractor." Needless to say, no one has brought it up since."

Tak cukup?

"DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang is demanding an explanation from the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on the allegations that the Bakun Dam project is suffering from cost overruns of around RM1.7 billion and on whether the government is looking for a bailout package for Sime Darby Berhad, said to be worth around RM700million. He said that Najib had so far evaded the questions on the issue since it was revealed that Sime Darby had chalked up losses amounting to almost RM1billion. Lim said “It has been reported that Sime Darby has incurred more than RM1 billion in cost overruns from carrying out a civil works contract for the hydroelectric project, with one estimate putting the total cost overruns at RM1.7 billion, which is almost the same size as Sime Darby’s actual Bakun contract of RM1.8 billion. It has also been reported that the government has agreed to reimburse around RM700 million to Sime Darby, leaving the group with around RM1 billion to deal with. Najib’s statement asking Sime Darby to determine the cause of its RM964 million losses first “before the issue of responsibility” was wrong as the RM964 million losses are only for the second half of the financial year of 2010. The figure was a “small portion” of the total losses of Sime Darby in its history of some RM3.5 billion write-offs, and with more to come.” 

Of course these are not the only reasons why the gov need more money and cut subsidies. What about bailing out of failed GLCs projects? The billions of taxpayers money to fund JPA students who never come back to serve? PTPTN loan defaulters? The constant installing and uninstalling of the hideous looking items of decorations in our city, remember those plastic coconut trees that cost almost RM 10K a "tree"? As opposed to the normal coconut trees u can get for next to nothing from all the surrounding kampungs.

And the famous honeymoon trips for couples on the verge of divorce? So hor...if u want to go on a holiday but no budget, ask from the jabatan lah. Just pretend u and your spouse hate each other to death, then u will get your free tickets :)


In fact I think most of us knew but just couldn't be bothered because ultimately we see no hope at the end of the tunnel. We could only see our hard-earned money get sucked and burnt with our teary eyes.

AND then there is the famous saying again. Surely u would remember...


Is this how our money allocations still being debated in the dewan? I wonder should I cry or laugh...

We still staying in this country because we love Malaysia.  This is where we were born.

*This post is purely factual and not intended to raise any racial or political issues, directly or otherwise. Bluey is not really into politics because his mind is not complicated enough. So please don't misunderstand bluey's intention and send him to ISA...

p.s. Please be moderate in your comments too. I definitely dont want anything bad happen to u my beloved friends :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One wrong turn

Omg i can't believe im already late on the 2nd day of work at my new place! Well, i didn't do it intentionally or purposely want to slack off anyway...But it happened! And it has tarnished my reputation!! 

In fact, I allocated extra time for the journey. U see, im used to traveling via the highway to my old workplace which is north-bound. Been traveling the same route again and again for one whole year. This morning as usual i drive and enter the highway. I still have extra time on my hand so i was happy. Then suddenly i realize i was in deepshit because i just took a wrong turn at the highway! Instead of heading south to KL, I went north to Penang direction, as i had done for the past one year! 

I was like...oh my holy cow...sei loh kam chi...sure late for work already. Bad enough that there isn't a single U turn in sight, in the end I can only exit at Kuala Kangsar toll and make a U turn, which is a freaking 30+km away!! OMG...what have I done to deserve this?? Wasted my time and petrol!! Traveled extra 70 km for nothing!! Not to mention I was still 15 minutes late despite sprinting on the highway like a madman!

Make a wrong turn and it makes all the difference!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farewell to Far Away Land

And so the day to bid farewell to this Far Away Land has come. How far u asked? Well, not as far as SimonLover's Far-far Away Land but let the pictures tell u.

Don't you wish your LDP is like my LDP? 

Road leading to Far-away Land is surrounded by all things green and leafy. Traversing mountains after mountains.

The tiny town which still look very much 1980s smacked right in the middle of jungle.

Thanks for my staffs for all your kindness and cooperation all these time. Thank you for your homecooked nasi pulut durian and chicken rice...I shall miss the good things and leave aside the not-so-good things ever happened here. 

Nasi Pulut Durian with santan - a malay kampong dish as authentic as u can get.

And for your sponsored durian feast.

So bye-bye Faraway Land and hello Stud Land! oopss..i mean Student Land! I look forward to more enticing life experience there!

I actually started this blog right after i came to Faraway Land. Now that im leaving this place, is it a good time to draw curtain for this blog as well?

Have a great weekend ahead ya :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Share your sorrows

Excerpt from Yahoo News:
S.Korean star found dead in apparent suicide

SEOUL (AFP) – A South Korean actor and singer who rode the wave of Korean pop culture in Asia was found dead at his home in Seoul Wednesday in an apparent suicide, police said.
Park Yong-Ha, 33, was found in his room by his mother after he apparently hanged himself with an electrical cord, Yonhap news agency said, quoting his brother-in-law, Kim Jae-Hyeong.
"No suicide note was found. Let's pray for him to rest in peace," Kim was quoted as saying.
Park spent his last moments Tuesday night with his father, who is suffering from cancer, Yonhap said.
He reportedly massaged his father for a long while before leaving with the words: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
Park shot to fame through the 2002 hit television drama series "Winter Sonata" and won fans in Japan and other Asian countries. He also released albums as a singer.
He had been chosen for the leading role in a Korean TV drama, a remake of the popular 1996 Hong Kong film "Comrades, Almost a Love Story". Shooting was set to begin in July.
Park was deeply anguished by his father's illness and was also suffering financial difficulties as an entertainment agency he set up in February struggled to make money, Yonhap said.
Park's Japanese site crashed temporarily due to overwhelming traffic, it said, adding he was scheduled to fly to Japan on Thursday as part of an ongoing concert tour with his new album "Stars".
If confirmed, Park would be the latest of a number of South Korean entertainers to kill themselves. They include top movie actress Lee Eun-Joo who committed suicide in 2005 and Choi Jin-Sil who died in 2008.
Suicide is the highest cause of death among those in their 20s and 30s in South Korea, which in 2007 had the highest suicide rate among members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
The health ministry says 23.9 in every 100,000 South Koreans committed suicide in 2007, compared with 19.4 in Japan, 16.7 in Finland, 14.2 in France and 14.0 in Switzerland."

I have always wonder what is it with the koreans that they like to commit suicide so much? What are they thinking right before they made the final decision? In this case, wouldn't leaving the father with cancer and grieving mother do more harm, instead of helping the family members to go through this difficult period? Looking at the names of those committed, it seems u are at high risk if u :
-have korean blood in you
-high profile people eg politicians, celebrities
-done some nose job, facelift, breast augmentation etc (just look at those korean stars)
-possess good looks minus a high EQ probably
So handsome, tall, perhaps talented, yet such a shame... Or perhaps these are the very attributes contributing to suicide? I have no idea since i do not belong to the handsome group. But whatever it is, talk it out and share your grievance or problems with your family and friends. What we thought as dead end might just be an opportunity in another person's eye. No point wallowing in self-pity because happiness are meant to be shared, so do sorrows...