Thursday, February 26, 2009

Desperate patient, desperate Dr..

sometimes working in a clinic can really drive u up the wall, with certain "interesting" and greedy patients. Example:

scenario 1:

Dr: auntie, your BP is sky high , have to get admited to hospital ASAP!

Pt: no lah...i didnt sleep well husband pass away last cat was having noises while intercourse...tats y BP today need admit lah..

Dr: i am not asking your permission aunty..u NEED to be admited. or else can get stroke later.

Pt: aiyo..nevermind old oledi.

scenario 2:

Dr: so tats all auntie. cya. next. (outside the door patients were waiting like pasar malam)

Pt: Ar Dr backpain le...then got headache le...then nose my buttock itchy le...then oh..sometimes i get saturday night fever...and joint pain here and there...apa itu...sakit chiku?

Then she continues..

Pt: Dr ah...i want the KK pill (PCM tablets), medicine for joint pain, itchy itchy, headache har...somemore....this and tat and this..

Dr: aiyo auntie u move my pharmacy counter back to your house la. easier like tat.

Pt: aiyo..hahaha.....can ar?

These are the times when i wanna do THIS


Sunday, February 22, 2009

picasa for mac

boring night so here going to share a great application with u my readers..

presenting...picasa for mac. I made the above collage pic using this programme.

Btw, those are pic i took when i was in vietnam 2 years ago. .my photography skill not too shabby


i like this taiwan show cos its funny and wacky. apparently u can download or stream the latest whole episode from youtube!

now i knoe where to get my dose of serotonin when im feeling depressed..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

living in shadows..

I'm ... incapable of doing anything...

i started pedalling without a goal...

even without knowing the meaning behind my actions.

i was afraid this whole time.

afraid of not knowing the future.

afraid of not knowing what i wanted to do.

afraid of myself for not knowing what to do.

and i was afraid of the days that were nevertheless flying by mercilessly..