Monday, March 9, 2009

what will be..will be..

sometimes songs like these helped me to untangle my chaotic feelings...cos im a guy who live beyond his time, not like what michael did in Back to the Future series, but what i mean is i have this tendency to think ahead alot...more like GAD (generalized anxiety disorder)...

still remember when i was in secondary school i frequently had insomnia cos my mind was always thinking "what would happen tomorrow? will i be ok? will i get punished cos i didnt finished some homework or something?" it would be like "god...daily on call till my replacement comes...god knows what kind of disaster case will come tomorrow.." , "what should i have for breakfast lunch dinner tomorrow?","where would i be 10 years from now?"

yes i know its useless thoughts...but i just seem to be unable to control it. Which brings me to one of the reasons i started this blog-- to document every single happy and less happy events in my life so that my mind is more occupied with whats happening today rather than whats in the future :)

like the lyrics .."what will be...will be"


Min said...

I like that song very much, hehe. Hope blogging will help you to feel the NOW moment, gambateh!

bluesoul said...

To Min,
glad u like it ;)
May u have rainbow in your life, day after day!