Sunday, March 29, 2009

iphone 3g

After my apple macbook bought late last year, the next gadget on my wish list this year is undoubtedly the king of smart phones, the iphone 3g!

Why? Because its an Ipod+internet tablet+phone 3 in 1! and its so cool. The user interface and fluidity is so far still unprecedent! Moreover with so many app can download from App store!

The Iphone 3g is currently available in Malaysia through Maxis as seen here! However i still think that the contract is too pricey for the average Malaysian like me! My phonebill usage currently is only around RM40 a month (yes i seldom call unless really necessary). Their rate plan is as follow:

Its really on the exorbitant side considering you are tied to maxis for the stipulated period of the contract. Plus the data usage is limited as u can see above in most of the plans.

The is a company selling iphone online in malaysia. Its currently selling iphone 3g 16gb for Rm2799 unlocked with no contract. However after sales support is a question remained to be seen. (Im not affliated with this company ok? This is NOT a promotion on my blog)

Thus, im still saving for it lol. From casual surfing in the net, i found that there is rumour circulating around that a new iphone is coming out this year probably in June as customary of Apple. The rumour is further backed by news that Apple is buying chips in bulks in preparation for the new launch! According to some sources, the new iphone is going to be smaller and more affordable with new features, probably coincide with the new iphoneOS 3.0 coming out soon this summer...

So till then im saving my appetite and keep my fingers crossed :)

p.s Anyone who knows where can get unlocked iphone3g with no contract and lower price pls let me know! haha


Chris said...

i heard my fren told me iphone got a lot of problems..

bluesoul said...

yes previously there were some missing important features left out eg mms, video recording, cut and paste, bluetooth stereo etc . But i think its goin to be fix in the coming iphoneOs 3.0.

[SK] said...

when things come into malaysia, they always turn out to be pricey, haiz.. let me know if you can find cheap one also :p

bluesoul said...

sk: sure...when i go pasar malam i;ll keep an eye for u haha...

but seriously i oso dunno where to find a cheaper one. 2nd hand maybe la.