Saturday, February 26, 2011

Psycho and Fearless

Been sickly all day, but nothing beats the end of this historic day. There "she" is, sneaking into my room when the frontliner staffs were away. Sat across me, she point to her earthy-coloured feet impregnated with skin lesion. I kindly asked her to wait outside for her turn. Luckily the counter people was competent enough to refer her to the other room.

She came out of the consultation room. Still seated at the lobby. By this time everyone also know what she is up to. 4pm....5pm.....Her inertia was too great. Even if Hurricane Katrina were to blow away the whole workplace, her feets would still be firmly planted on the lobby floor. Like a snake preying on an earth rat, her eyes were staring intently for any signs of ME.

As my colleagues came to my room and left the door jar opened, talking about her, I heard something.

"Ah Soh, sudah pukul 5, office mau tutup. T sudah balik. U balik lah!"

"Ooi....Lu panggil saya Ah Soh? Saya masih sangat muda lagi leh! T masih di dalam lagi. Saya nampak dia di dalam!"

Colleagues were gathered around in my room, discussing whether to call the police. I hesitated for a while. But there really doesn't seem to have other viable alternative. She just wouldn't listen, even after just being warned not to stalk barely an hour ago.

Then she walked out of the lobby. Too bad its not only towards the entrance, but all the way towards my car under the shady tree! There she is again. Merry go around my car like fly lingering around a caramel custard!

Our patience were wearing thin. We have no choice but make the call. Shortly after, a kancil police car came in through the gate. As if sensing danger, she slowly retreat to the exit. As my colleague and I went out to explain the dire situation we were in, she spotted me! She came back!! Even while we were talking to the policeman! She is just getting out of control, or just FEARLESS!

Somehow the policemen were hesitant to send her way on the spot, instead ask us to call them again tomorrow if she continue to act the same, and that they will send her away to the rightful place she belongs. Well fine...who are we to argue with the mighty Kancil? the police car then escort her to the exit and out...i think all of us were breaking cold sweat at that moment.

To be continued...

After posting the stories in my fb, it seems i had found some ardent followers as well. Perhaps I could be a freelance writer if I ever change my career path one day. Well, who knows... :)

No signing on my ass-crack though :P

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bad romance 爛桃花

The highlight of this year's CNY for me is none other than being harassed by a psycho lady at workplace on almost daily basis. In fact from my post on FB about she and her antics, I think i can almost write a script already!

(below are excerpts from FB post)

Jan 24

middle-aged psy lady who is sexily clad ask me to treat her lunch...of which i reply im fasting. Then shortly after ram into my room again asking for dinner and out my room multiple times...OMG!!! I wonder what is going thru her mind and I definitely dun need this type of 爛桃花 for CNY!!!

Jan 25

psy woman comes back again with a vengeance! Throw me a bag of chinese herbs for bou leong char??? Despite i refusing by saying i dun drink herbal drinks and even if i do, my wife will prepare for me, she still insist to pass the package to me!

Today wearing a thin cooling shirt with white lace and BRA-less!! Still waiting outside at lunch hour!! CIS!!!

(The wife part is a lie to drive her off...obviously it didnt work from what happened after that)

Jan 26

she's here again...62yo psy lady..."accidentally" threw away one of her document, asking to get another copy...dressed like a secretary today. Just when i thought she would behave herself abit, suddenly she says:

"I just bought your car plate number!"

"Thats not my car"

"It doesn't matter" (smiling sheepishly)


Feb 1

"can u treat me ice-cream today?"

"sorry working" *sweat*

psy auntie gone out a while but the relief was short lived. She came back shortly, asking the same question again. Of which i try to dodge by immediately calling the next client in. Pheww!

*double sweat*

Cant help but notice her cyan green blouse and flowery pink skirt. I believe the 'putik putik papaya' which are so obvious on her cyan shirt would be eye candies for the uncles outside. But pluueasee don't pollute my eyes right before CNY lar...i need to cuci mata with daun limau oledi!!

*triple sweat*

Feb 16
Really gotta be impressed by the psy auntie tactics. Today barged into my room asking me to read a letter. Apparently her house tax or something. "ngo kuai chi meh..ask your neighbour lah!" Luckily not love letter! Then hand in a 100 USD note asking for change! "halo auntie ngo hou kong geh..mou chin geh..! Please go to the bank to exchange your money"

Too bad she seem unable to understand plain cantonese and keep asking to change for her! And the best part is she do all these while leaving the shirt buttons on her breast valley open! Damn gerli!! Sei bin tai poh!! Hooi sei Lah!!

She is really becoming a nuisance nowadays, and always seems to target me! Cis!! But the bad thing is she is still considered harmless for us to have solid reason to send her off to Hospital Bahagia! Really dunno what to do with her already...haih!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prosperity 2011

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fatt Cai! How has your CNY celebration been? The impulsive gobbling of fatty food? The incessant grilling on topic of relationship by your lovely relatives? Abundance of cash-rich ang-pao? Reunion and gathering among friends and relatives?

I started the new year with bouts of persistent cough, flu and sorethroat, still not fully recovered even now. Yet here i am, munching on bak-kua 3am in the morning, jostled up from sleep by feeling of hunger! Hopeless, i know. As if the starting of the year with sickness isn't bad enough, i was harassed at workplace the week right before my CNY leave, just call it Bad-Romance 爛桃花! The story of Bad Romance is already onto its chapter 4 in my facebook! I hope there would not be any more continuation of this mess!

This year's CNY been a little different from the lasts, for me. First of all, my household usher in the new year with the arrival of new pets! They are a few fishes, tortoises and a nasty little puppy who always like to pee on the floor of my room. Ish! Ironically no rabbits. Then, this year so far there has not been any dreaded relative visits, so far! more answering the same questions year after year after year! Such a relief! 

Today I actually attended a ex-classmates reunion. The special thing about it is that, its a Standard 6 ex-classmate gatherings and I being so low profile, havent been to any such gathering for the longest time i could remember. Some of the familiar faces I actually havent seen them in like .... 16 years? Yet everybody seem to have stay pretty much the same, except one or two who gained some weight :P
Prior to the event i was quite hesitant to go since already lost touch with them for aeons but in the end i guess it was not as bad as i thought. 

Hopefully I could get a sound sleep now after the fatty midnight meal. Its the 4th day of CNY today, but how come I feel like its coming to an end already? The mere thought of going back to work is killing me!

Have a prosperous and bountiful Chinese New Year :)