Saturday, February 27, 2010

What is wrong with str8 men nowadays?

Yesterday went to IPoh Parade to have a look since its so bored and hot at home. Nothing to buy and nothing to ogled it , how disappointing :(

Anyway, while i was browsing in the bookstore (browsing the books of course), I see a very young couple probably in their early 20s chit-chatting away with their friends. And then I saw this:

Sad to say there is no lack of young Ah Bengs and Ah Lians here but the problem doesn't lie in here. What is wrong with the above picture? Nothing...except that the handbag was slugged over the guy's shoulder instead... and he was happily parading and walking around the bookstore as if he is in some fashion runway... I frowned for a brief moment and really felt like wanna puke!

Not that I have any problem with a guy carrying a bag. But a guy carrying a ladies' bag? Yucks100!!! Thats yucks to the power of 100! I believe there is a difference being a gentlemen and a slave! To open the door for the lady is gentlemen. To stash a seat for the lady is gentlemen. To walk/drive the lady back home is gentlemen (provided she doesnt have a car). To carry your girl's handbag is NOT. That is obviously a master and slave manifestation. Its not like the handbag is very heavy or she just had a dislocated shoulder... What's next? Lick her boots clean with the tongue? Is there any wonder how this could happen as posted some time ago?

Seriously, what is wrong with str8 guys nowadays? This is not the first time im seeing this peculiar phenomenon. Male feminization syndrome? Afflicted with testicular atrophy? Really no eye see....

What do you think? Am I the only one with too much male ego?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Taugeh Chicken Kai Si Hor Fun

Brought a friend from Malacca sightseeing around IPoh again this time...Went a little bit further away including Kellie's Castle. I brought him to try the Taugeh Chicken near my place instead of the usual Lou Wong and Onn Kee in town area for dinner. Luckily we went early cos 7.30pm already full with people. Lucky lucky :P

Let the pics do the talking:

Chicken can be order in a separate plate or in the form of Kai Si Hor Fun (shredded chicken in noodle soup). We ordered 2 bowls of this. The chicken is tender and smooth. Hor Fun looks nice in translucent colour. I find it less oily compare to the 2 shops mentioned before.

I ordered another plate of Taugeh. Typical fat juicy Ipoh Taugeh. LOL. Some people say its fat and juicy because of the mountain water they used for irrigation. Wonder true or not....In that case the same mountain water is consumed by Ipoh people as well right? Then Ipohians should be fat and juicy too, no?

Besides Taugeh Chicken, the shop also serves some extra side dishes and even Char Siew rice. Here is a bowl of Pork Balls. Spongily nice :D

They also serve chicken feet like the one pictured above. All my life I have always think chicken feet is so dirty, unhygienic, gross....but it seems appealing enough for me to try. The first time in my life I tasted a chicken feet! Though just the smaller pieces...LOL....Yeah its nice indeed...

And where the heck is this place anyway?? since i been talking so long....

 This is the place we went that evening. And the total cost for the appetizing dinner? RM12.90. I definitely should eat here more often since its so near my house LOL.

p.s. Today start working d...sob...sob....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sizzling hot

These few days the weather back home has been freakishly sizzling hot! I have no choice but to hide in my aircon room. The outside temperature was enough to boil eggs i think.. This month electricity bill gonna shoot through the roof :P

Yesterday got friends came visiting from Penang. Being a horrible tour guide that i am with a poor sense of direction, i tried bringing them around town for cari makan (salvaging for food) and to the limestone caves..

The amount of cars and people plying the streets big and small was multiplied by factor by at least 3 in Ipoh. I have always avoided those touristy places and famous food outlets but this time no choice already la...Gotta brave the traffic jam and horrendous sun. In the end it was more like bringing them round town "long kai" because everywhere we go the eateries were packed to the brim. After finding a carpark still have to wrestle for seats to have meal somemore! Aduh!!!

Yee Fatt curry mee shop was still not opened yet. Then went to dimsum place, the famous Fu Shan restaurant with couple of other dimsum shops around. Boy was it a harrowing experience! The crowd was tussling to get into the restaurant! As if everyone is begging for food and the food are free! Giving up, we went up to Greentown area. Great...all shops were closed for CNY.  Tim Shun Long kopitiam was again packed...Sun Yoon Loong kopitiam famous for the white coffee was closed somemore. Didnt dare to venture into the old town area cos its extremely difficult to find parking there. In the end we settle for a dimsum restaurant in Ipoh Garden....haih... Cari makan during Chinese New Year is such a headache!

Foh San restaurant (downloaded pic from the net). The crowd that day was several times more than in this picture.

After filling up the stomach, brought them to the Tongs (caves) in Ipoh. Certainly not my cup of tea...the burning josstick...the traffic jam...the crowd...and the HOT  weather didnt help one bit. Didnt take much pictures cos didnt bring my cam anyway.

One of the famous limestone caves...Sam Poh Tong.

CNY has been a pretty standard boring affair this year with no where to go. Just makan (not alot also), watch movies (booked 3 this week alone), online and sleep. Not to mention Ang Pao got alot less as the year goes... well at least got a break from work :)

Happy working to those of you who are  back to work!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year ~Roar~

The Year of the Tiger is coming very soon. Here i would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year! May u all attain perpetual happiness and wealth!

I myself dread CNY because of the faiwah-lism culture among the Chinese relatives. Eg. Have u got a girlfriend? When is your turn getting married? When are u expecting the next baby? Isn't it time to replace your old car/bf/gf/furniture/house/face.....already? How come ur getting fatter every year..?

Enough of faiwah-lism....Just gimme the angpau ok?  Im going back hometown soon, expecting alot of traffic along the highway... Everyone please fasten your seatbelts and drive safely. Take a rest if you are feeling tired or sleepy. Btw, I almost killed myself in a mishap 2 weeks ago while travelling on highway (slept on the wheel!!) Otherwise it would have been sayonara to u all...

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year! Eat more! Stuff yourself with glorious food! See your money and time invested in gyms go down the drain ya?! LOL..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A love letter

Yesterday was a special day for me. My colleague walked into my room and passed me a package. She was being so secretive and just said someone asked to pass to me at the information counter. Despite grilling her to 180 Degree celcius but she just wouldnt tell who is the sender of the package, just said its from a client. Hmm.........

I opened the package and voila! Its a love letter leh...!  Im so touched :P   Thank you to whoever u are, though i have absolutely no idea who u might be LOL. This year's Valentine is a special one for me cos I finally get a love letter :D 

A big canister with a label that says "Love Letters"

So much Love Letters inside! :P

Its yummilicious! A REAL love letter wouldn't hurt either :D