Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Its Pangkor Bayview Beach Resort...吃炸糊了

previously i thought its pangkor laut beach resort that im going for course tomorrow...then look again the letter...aiya i made a mistake...its actually bayview beach resort. From the pic on the net look like heaven and earth between the two place..but nvm la since its free, i have no complaint haha..

this is how it actually look like...

as opposed to the Pangkor Laut Beach resort here.


fufu said...

wow... pangkor island has changed alot!!! since the last time i went there when i was 10yrs old =)

bluesoul said...

to fufu,
i oso many years din go there oledi...thanks for dropping a line here..your travel blog is quite nice le:)
im from perak too haha..

[SK] said...

hahaha.. less expectation means less disappointement.. next time better not expect too high when something is free, hehe :p

bluesoul said...

hi sk,
i didnt expect anything la. Just that i remember wrongly the resort's name only. But its good to be hopeful ma, mr korean ambassador :)