Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Day

...not mine, of course. Lately must be a wedding and mating season cos i have been getting the red card non-stop. To go into marriage is like going into another phase of life, for the better or for the worse. Friends and colleagues are jumping into this bandwagon more and more frequently. Does it affect me emotionally? No, i think im numbed to the these things. Does it affect me financially? YES, im poorer each time i attended a wedding dinner ...sob...sob...

The wedding invitation cards one after another

Just went to my friend's wedding dinner last weekend, another one coming up next weekend. Besides the fact that u have to dish out your cash "angpau", one thing very suffering about the chinese wedding dinner is these singing exhibitionists lor...

Really have to give an applause or even standing ovation to these uncles and aunties for bringing the guests "entertainment". They just sing and sing their favourite karaoke songs on the stage, doesnt matter if their voice croaks like a frog...The whole night creating noise pollution across the hall until we the guests cant even hear what the person sitting beside speaking about. In fact i remember that night one of the uncles have to be "politely excused" from the stage by their relative. So malu loh....Me and my friends really beh tahan until we unable to finish the meals and gone Station One Cafe instead for some real singing performance :P

Then dont know fortunate or unfortunate, the first time im attending a wedding already asked to be the "hengtai" (something like a bestman). In fact before this i had no idea what the hengtai is supposed to do. Then only i found out they are supposed to protect the groom from the evil "zi mui"'s (bride's friends)'s attacks when fetching the bride from her house. 

The evil bunch of zi mui waiting for our grand arrival. They are to sort of "prevent" the groom from entering the house and fetching the bride, unless the groom satisfy ALL of their conditions. Im wondering, where did all these customs come from anyway? Does it even exists say ... 100 years ago? Some really "wu liao" (nothing-better-to-do) people must have invented it along the way.

The "goodies" awaiting the hengtais...

We were asked to wear this flowery headband right after we descend from the car. Mind u, all of us were dressed so smartly that day. Asking us to wear this is so salah lo...However it didnt dampened our spirit even abit. In fact my friends and I started camwhoring with the headband,  completely ignoring the zi muis lo LOL...

Next up even worse...we were asked to put on these disposable undies lo...each is written one word on it  and we are supposed to line up to make a proper sentence. A bunch of handsome guys wearing paper undies lining up beside the road is not a good scene salah loh...

We were served these special breakfast...banana.... bitter guard... chilies...ginger...etc. We just give face and ate a bit lo...what to do since the girls "earnestly" prepare for us...I just take a bit of bitter guard with the banana...sweetness and bitterness together...neutralized lo...clever hor??

Then we have to blow some balloons and make something like a flower to the bride. But as u can see the end result is nothing short of spectacular lo...i dont even recognize what is it LOL. We also got to blow the balloons and get some piece of paper inside. So we the hengtais very compliant and blow the balloons until so big and purposely go near the zi muis to blow near them loh...hehe.

See the groom so cute hor...with his special white colour headband...he was sweating all the way...poor thing. The outside was so hot and he has to wear the suite somemore...

A roasted pig greeted us on the table near the door.... Why does chinese wedding needs a roasted pig leh? Anyone knows? So that the couple make many "piglets" later ka?

After a few more "mini games", its time for gate-crashing. See the bunch of yee-ma-gu-che, sam-gu-lok-po and the zi muis asking this and that...

See the zi mui counting the money...the groom have to prepare some stash of cash in order to be allowed to go into the house. Just like the credit card advertisement says "The entrance fee....RM1X100. Her expression...priceless.." LOL

Finally OPEN SESAME! Everyone also got tired abit...better settle it quick la...Its supposed to be just a game, not some torturing exercise mah...

Another view showing our beloved hengtai in their headband and paper undies. Look so ridiculous doesnt it? LOL...luckily no rabbit suit...

Well, it was fun nevertheless and i wish my couple friend forever loving and happy family. Luckily the ceremony didnt turn out too messy or excessive, or else it would marred the whole thing. I have heard some horror stories about the things being dished out for the hengtais...Have u encounter such horrible reception?

p.s. visitor to this blog been plunging to the sea bottom since i was forced to change to this new address. But i guess u would come back if u like my writings, right? :P

p.p.s Happy Wesak everyone and have a good rest!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Wake up this morning to the tune of dribbling waters outside my window. Too bad i cant sleep on such nice weather. Too used to waking up early morning.

Bored, i switched on the laptop and come to checkout the blogs. Then to my horror, my blogsite seem to fail to load at all. Apparently there should still be 1 week left before renewal for my private blog address...Haiz...

Anyway, kindly point ur browser to and bookmark this new address. Thanks! Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Masjid Kapitan tower overlooking the blue sky

Frontage of Masjid Kapitan

One of the Chinese Temple-forgot the name..very old building with a central court

Roof decorations

Purposely make it black-and-white to get more "feel" :)

Prewar shophouses with narrow lane in between

A narrow corridor leading to Khoo Kongsi. I like the contrasting blue hue and shadows.

An ancient chinese architecture with intricate carvings and interior deco. Khoo kongsi.

Hungry turtles grabbing their meal. I have never seen such active turtles haha..

The new giant Kuan Yin statue on top. Visible from afar but nothing special though...Have to spend rm4 to use the mini-elevator to reach there somemore..

A pavilion with a pool of koi fish. The fishes swim towards my direction when i stand near the pool. Im soo.. attractive even the fishes cannot tahan my power of seduction lo..LOL

Very detailed wall graffiti..

Looks like a vase with some evil power sealed inside hahah...

 Curse of the Golden Flower.. I still remember the movie poster...
So much golden blings in the movie to portray the abundance and prosperity of old China dynasty. And yet their empress doesn't have enough fabric to make a proper size bra?? See how tight Gong Li's boobs were squeezed until going to explode!! Poor thing...

Delicious Assam Laksa. The broth is so thick with fish meat! Simply heavenly!

Koay Tiao Thng. The soup is nice but innards is not my cup of tea la..

Fried Cintan Mee. Super nice!

Fried Jawa Mee. My first time trying a fried version. Not bad at all.

Koay Chap. Nice broth but again pork stomach i dun like..

Pancake with tuna and crabstick fillings. Refreshing!

"Wu Tao Gou" (Yam cake) @ New World Park. Best one i tasted so far. Literally melts in your mouth! The prawn is sliced so thinly. Very soft and fine texture indeed.

"Zap Guo Bing" (Iced Mixed Fruit?). Abit expensive by Penang standard but the perfect elixir for the hot weather!

Saw this cat at nearby Pet shop. The fur is like leopard lo. I also wanna be like her cos its FRIDAY!

See..even THEY agree with me lo. Its time to take a BREAK!!

Enjoy ur weekend everyone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


These are my current favourite hotties! Muscular, bold outlook and curves at all the right places! I would be dying to get my hands on them!!! :P



MADZA 3 (2010 model) (correction :P)


What is your fav hotties then?