Sunday, May 31, 2009

New SONY PSP Go! is around the corner

News from Seems like the new Sony PSP is just around the corner, dubbed PSP Go! Its supposed to be a slider device unlike the previous PSP which is tablet-like. I don’t own a PSP, just an old PS2, but I think I actually prefer the old PSP design though. The placement of the controllers and buttons are pretty awkward. And its still missing a analog controller. Here are the specs, courtesy of

• 3.8-inch display (resolution is undisclosed)
• 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000
• 16GB of Flash storage
• Bluetooth built-in; supports handset tethering and BT headsets
• No UMD drive
• Memory Stick Micro slot (why not microSD? Why???)
• New Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and new Metal Gear Solid (!) on the way
• Full PlayStation Network support (movie and TV rentals / purchases)
• Integration with PlayStation 3 (works the same as the PSP-3000 does)
• Sony views each of its products as "10-year lifecycle products," so the PSP "needs
to live on."

So any takers? I wonder how it fare against its arch rival the Nintendo DSi.

Though I like gaming, but im actually more to RPG series eg Final Fantasy etc. Too bad they don’t have much RPG on PSP platform. Or should I be getting the DSi instead...?:)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cute auntie and lala uncle cute i don't mean they actually look like this.

Here where I am working currently, there are bunch and bunch of elderly population (small town like this what to expect huh), the young ones all already flocked to bigger cities for work and study. These aunties and uncles sometimes can be intimidating, eccentric and funny at the same time. Don’t believe me? Look at the following conversation:

Scenario 1: I want this, this and that mentality

Her: eh doc, give me the kk yuen ah (paracetamol tablets), and then also the cream for itchiness one, then what else har..? I also want the running nose pill, the gastric medicine har…dun forget har doc….

Me: which part of u is itchy then? Why need so much medicine ge?

Her: Aiyor…ma there loh….u know….(pointing to her groin creases). I can keep these medicine for later use ma. Buy from pharmacy expensive, u know??

Me: Why itchy there ge? Auntie got bath properly or not? (just kidding) Should keep there clean and dry at all time one. Auntie u want so much medicine, might as well move the pharmacy counter back to your house la…

Her: can ar….? (with an evilish grin on your face)

-Help….! I feel like pengsan (fainting) oledi….

Scenario 2: U don’t look like a doc…!

The old lady come into the consultation room, sat down and then exclaim:

Her: haiyor…u are the doc kah? Just now saw u walked out of this room. I thought u are a student visiting the doc le….

Me: Huh? Why u say so?

Her: U look so young ge …. Like “sai lou kor” (children face). Didn’t know ur the doc lor…

Me: auntie, u sure or not? U got bring specs out today or not…?

-I may look younger than my actual age but im NOT that young, ok? Imagine university study already claimed 5 years of my precious time, then now worked for 2 years….how can I be still young?? I was flattered though, hehe……

Scenario 3: Blame me for your high pressure??

Me: Makcik, your blood pressure is very high today. What happened? Have u been compliant with your medicines lately?

Her: Aiyor...i also dunno lah...see handsome doc already makes my heart beats so fast, then sure BP high lah...

Me: .......(speechless)

-Haiz...please don't blame my look for your uncontrolled BP, ok? Its not a sin to be born with a handsome face...somemore im not handsome, ok??

Scenario 4: Trying to bribe me!

A Lala-looking uncle knocked on my door and barged in my room but its not his turn yet. So I ask him:

Me: uncle, what is it? Can I help u?
Him: err…doc, I got an appointment later in Ipoh la. Can see me first ka? I just wanna continue my medicines only lah…bery fast one…

After looking at his old notes, thought nevermind la let him la for this time…thinking he might really have some important appointment…Then finish the session….

Him: Thanks a lot….next time I bring papaya for u ya….the current batch of papaya is not so good. Next time la…next time can see me first also ka?

Me: Its ok, uncle. U don’t have to…I wont let u cut queue again unless u really got a valid reason.

Him: hahaha…ok la. See u..bye

-OMG…what is this Lala uncle thinking?? Trying to bribe me? And somemore trying to bribe me with papaya? Papaya?? PAPAYA????? Do I look so cheap??????

I really wanna pengsan already…..
If u wanna bribe me also, get something better, ok? Then I MIGHT consider it…hehe. (Just kidding only, ok?)

Friday, May 29, 2009

7th heaven now has a new

I started this blog as my personal diary in Jan 2009. Initially i was just penning down all my thoughts in here to vent my happiness, anger, frustrations. But lately i came across an interesting blog, which give people tips about making money online through your blogs. John Chow proclaimed himself as a dot com mogul and he even released a free ebook about how to make money online. U can visit his website from my blog lists on the side.

Out of boredom, i actually downloaded his ebook and read it. With no prior background of html knowledge and being a newbie in blogsphere, its understandable that i could not understand fully his concepts and ideas. If u have been following my blog for the past couple of months, u probably would have noticed that there is some subtle changes i have made lately, such as adding on the RSS reader, widgets, ads etc. I did not really think i can make big money like John Chow does, but i thought what the heck, since im writing blog anyway, might as well make it nicer and more professional looking..

So...7th heaven is now officially has its own custom domain name :) so if u have bookmarked this site before kindly update the address. Thanks! And if u like my posts, u might wanna consider subscribe to the RSS reader to keep updated with the posts. While checking up my nuffnang account, it seems i made a headstart in internet marketing!! what a surprise.....

Here is the sniplet of my account:

So as u see i actually earned RM0.75 this month! Its horribly peanut amount compare to tens of thousands of John Chow made in a month, but it was a pleasant surprise nevertheless. Hmm...still have to wait till RM50 only i can check out the money. Hope doesn't have to wait till the day i die if ur free and dun mind to donate some pennies to me, then do click on some of the ads here, ok?

Btw, anyone has success story in making money online via blogging? Mind to share your experience and teach me a thing or two, ya? I would appreciate it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New iPhone 2009 to unleash on July 17?

There have been numerous rumours surfacing this year about the new iPhone 2009. Here is my summary of sources i found on the net, and if its true, i can't wait to get my hands on one!

As u can see from the pic above (courtesy of some chinese manufacturer it seems), the new iphone comes with a rubberised back for firmer grip replacing the aluminium back casing. And this time with a glowing apple logo to boot, same as the macbooks!! Isn't that cool or wat?

Its rumored to spot an OLED display (a new display technology replacing the LCD), which is more energy efficient and able to project richer colours! The other phone with OLED display i know of is the samsung ultratouch series (anyone got one to prove the display IS better?)

Others specs from engadget website shows:

  • 32GB and 16GB storage (up from the current 16GB and 8GB models)
  • $199 and $299 price points to be maintained
  • 3.2-megapixel camera (up from the current 2-megapixel camera)
  • Video-recording and editing capabilities
  • Ability to send a picture & video via MMS
  • Discontinuation of the metal band surrounding the edge of the device
  • OLED screen
  • 1.5 times the battery life of the current models
  • Double the RAM and processing power
  • Built-in FM transmitter
  • Apple logo on back will glow
  • Rubber-tread backing
  • Sleeker design
  • Built-in compass
  • The camera, GPS, compass and Google map combined will identify photo and inform about photo locations
  • Turn-by-turn directions
Oh by the way, Maxis is currently offering apple iPhone 3G with prepaid Hotlink too. But the price is exorbitant, i think..

see for yourself here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Funny video-why chris brown hits rihanna

Not to be unsympathetic, but this video is really funny! Kudos!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my love will get you home

If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.
If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If the bright lights blinds your eyes, my love will get you home.
If your troubles break your stride, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If you ever feel ashame, my love will get you home.
If its only you to blame, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Its here..the first confirmed case of H1N1 swine flu

To borrow an excerpt from The Star news online:

"Malaysia confirms first case of A(H1N1) flu (Update 2)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia on Friday confirmed its first case of the A(H1N1) flu in a 21-year-old student who returned from the United States on Wednesday morning.

All the 192 passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH091 from Newark on Wednesday are urged to contact the Health Ministry by calling 03-88810200 or 03-88810300

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the case made Malaysia the 36th country to be affected by the virus.

“Malaysia is now on high alert,” said Liow, who is in London now, enroute to Geneva, for a World Health Organisation meeting. He added he would return earlier than his scheduled return next Friday.

Meanwhile, A statement by the Health Ministry's director-general, Dr. Ismail Merican, said the young man was hospitalised on Thursday for fever, sore throat and body aches.

Tests confirmed that he was infected with the A(H1N1) virus, the statement said. He is receiving anti-viral treatment and was in stable condition, it said.

Ismail said the ministry had contacted members of his family but they have not been placed under quarantine.

Ismail said his department was taking steps to protect public health and that there was no reason to panic.

Meanwhile, in Putrajaya, acting Health Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said later Friday that the fact that Malaysia’s first A(H1N1) patient managed to pass through the scanners at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) undetected was in no way indicative of scanners’ failure.

Kong said the scanners installed since the start of the global alert on the disease traced elevated body temperature levels in travellers coming into the country and did not pick out the 21-year-old student flying in from the United States as the symptoms were not showing yet.

He said the virus had a two to three day incubation period during which none of the symptoms linked to the disease were visible and that was why he passed undetected by the scanner after his flight landed at 7.15am on Wednesday.

He said the Health Ministry would continue to use the scanners at entry points and continue with all the precautionary measures it had taken since the global alert was first issued and there were no plans to tighten measures further.

“The ministry has taken all the possible precautionary measures to control and contain the disease after the WHO (World Health Organisation) issued a level five alert so we are calling on the public not to panic as the situation is under control.

“I also want to assure the people that we will make public any information related to the disease that we have just as we did with our first case confirmed today,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported that a man from Bukit Mertajam held under observation at the isolation ward of the Penang Hospital has been declared free of Influenza A (H1N1).

"We just got a report that the blood test on the 26-year-old man was negative," State Health, Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee chairman Phee Boon Poh said when contacted by Bernama Friday.

A test on a sample of his blood had been sent to Kuala Lumpur.

The man was kept for observation Thursday after he was found to have fever and symptoms similar to those of Influenza A (H1N1) on his return from the United States.

Two weeks ago, a New Zealand tourist was admitted to the isolation ward of the hospital for suspected Influenza A (H1N1) but a blood test also showed up negative."

Hence, if u boarded the Malaysia Airlines flight MH091 from Newark on Wednesday, kindly contact 03-88810200 or 03-88810300 for further assistance.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Childhood memories

It’s 3.15am on a Thursday morning. Was waken up by my brilliant MA (medical assistant)’s call asking me to confirm some ECG findings. Drag myself forcefully out of the bed and finally settled the case. But after coming back my eyes cannot close anymore. Because im having heartburn again (gastritis), courtesy of being used as cheap local labour by our caring government last time during housemanship, I guess.
Should have taken some MMT tablets just now, d@mn!

My mind is cycling through a lot of things again, as usual. Not sure why, but whenever I get insomnia, my mind will be hyperactive when it least should be. Haiz… Suddenly my childhood memories keep coming back to me. Its all coming back to me now…just like the Celion Dion’s song lolz

My childhood memories are rather patchy, to say the least. Some things that I still remember are here. This would be a good reference in later part of my life if I ever develop Alzheimer’s disease, I guess ☺

- I come from poor family background. Father went overseas to work so practically my growing up years spent without him around.

- My family, my uncle’s family and grandmother all stay under one roof in a single storey terrace house in Ipoh. Suffice to say with so many people around, conflicts are unavoidable.

- My mom used to bathe me and sis using rainwater in order to save on water bills. Yes we were really not very well off.

- My cousin was very close to us. I treated him like my own brother. But after his family moved out subsequently, we rarely keep in touch anymore. I wish he never go away.. Now the feeling just isn’t the same anymore..

- I like to bully my sis. Eg when playing “millionaire” board game, I would always cheat until she goes bankcrupt each time. Lol

- Family is not very well off so no money to hire tuition teacher. Mom is our tuition teacher. At least up to the level she was capable of, until standard 1 or 2 if im not mistaken.

- Mom is super strict when we were little. Always have to show her exam results. No good then its “piak piak piak”. Yes caning is legal mean of domesticating your kids in this part of Asia. Which might explain how I get good results all the way to STPM level. Sad to say after that its spiraling downhill….and nope I wasn’t involved in any vices.

- Parents were working as peddler hawker when we were in kindergarten. My neighbour, a lady sometimes would fetch me back from nearby kindergarten. Otherwise my mom would fetch me via bicycle. The lady passed away last year after succumbed to advanced stage of breast cancer..

- Once when I was 5 or 6 years old, cant find my mom except some RM5 or 10 notes on the floor. I cried and cried inconsolably because I thought she had abandoned us with that money. (later found out that she was chatting with neighbour outside the house….i was just a toddler, what do u expect?)

- My maternal grandfather used to bring me to those shops to window shopping or something. Cant really remember how he looks like cos passed away very early. Paternal side never seen cos also passed away before I was born. Haiz…men really have shorter lifespan compare to women. But then nowadays, having longer life expectancy is not necessary a good thing. It could very well be a sin in disguise!

- During my first week of primary school days, I encountered some bully at my school after school finished. I was looking for my school bus not realizing that these jerks were there. Cant really remember what happened though since so long ago. Then luckily I was rescued by 3 pretty secondary school girls with big boobs! They chased the bullys away and coincidentally we are riding the same bus! Haha…They kinda looked like S.H.E lolz..

S.H.E taiwanese all girls group

- Whenever I don’t bring bento to school, during recess time I would usually just skip meal or buy half a sausage or ham as lunch. I did have enough money for a proper lunch but I just didn’t want to spend all. I know money doesn’t fall from sky and there is no free lunch in this world.

- After school finished or during school special occasions, there would be canteen workers selling fancy food and drinks or toys to the students. I never bought any during my 6 years of primary education. I did feel envious of my other friends who can afford it but I know my limits ☺ From this I know the importance of having money.

- I grew up without much toys to play around. Instead I share with my lovely cousin- his gameboy, lego sets etc. And I would always like to build airplanes and rockets and stuff. I guess I should have ventured into engineering or something instead of this lol. And of course my cousin’s mother wasn’t very welcoming but I didn’t really care. I just know I had a lot of fun with my cousin and sister.

I guess it’s this background that makes the concept of HAVE and HAVE-NOT deep ingrained in me since I was small. So please be more forgiving if u find me a little bit materialistic or stingy LOL…

Hmm…that’s all I can remember now. Will update more if I still can evacuate some from my brain. Have a nice day ☺

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nice quotes

Nothing extraordinary happened to me lately, just working, working and more working. I dread going to work...i dun like my job. Why must we work? Do we work to live? Or live to work? I feel like im doing the latter...haiz...

Got a forwarded mail with some nice quotes recently...

Yup, tats what true friends are...

Im afraid im not as "young" as this lady here...

I wonder if this is true...wouldn't that be boring? lolz

...and takes a lot of effort too !

When we were little, we were never afraid of anything, grabbing anything we want, indulge in anything we like, any way we love...

But as we get older, we lose this innocence and start to become puppet dolls...with layer after layer of mask in front of our face, in order to protect ourselves, to tweak ourselves to blend in this society.

Can i have the best of both worlds? Not getting into troubles AND not lose my innocence at the same time? Im definitely trying, though its going to be difficult :p

Friday, May 8, 2009

Susan Boyle on Larry King

Never judge a book by its cover :)

On the other hand, i wonder how long she will lasts? ...oops i mean in this ever verocious entertainment industry lolz..would she still be able to maintain her charm, or slowly become just another temporary face?

Dinner time again

As i am writting now, its 7.15pm on a Friday evening. Wondering what to have for dinner again...well, as u know, living in a small tiny little place has its pros and cons.

And food choices is the one of the cons. Choice is limited to say the least. Here its either chinese or malay food. Chinese its either mixed rice or chinese cooking (煮炒). Malay food is again..nasi goreng and more goreng. (fried rice)...There is no fancy restaurant, no fast food chain, no nothing.

Really getting bored already. Somemore always eating out has done explicit damage to my waist line and weight...hmm...too bad i cant help it cos i cant cook. Somemore there is no place for me to cook anyway.

Scientifically speaking it does'nt really matter what u eat because matter how delicious or wonderful the meal u just had, its just going to come out as a pile of Of course some people may argue : "then why dont u just eat shit then?" lol..

The answer is simply: Its disgusting! lolz

Now what should i eat later......?


Wow...looks like i have got visitors from kepala batas(Penang), Singapore, Ipoh, Kl, Taiping, and even Texas and Illinois! And these visitors seem to come direct to this blog, not through any other websites!

hmm...does this mean there is actually someone coming back for more updates? Im so curious to know who are u wonderful people...mind to leave your name or contact?

I am glad to say that i have now more or less recovered to my normal self already. Time ... maybe is the ultimate elixir?

Im stucked here again for the weekend, cannot go back hometown due to work.
Anyway, I wish everyone a great weekend ahead!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lets start from here

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