Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meaning of Life

Last night i was chatting with an old friend of mine on the msn. Then suddenly he popped up the question "what do u think is the meaning of life?" He is into Buddhism teachings when we were back in uni, while im more or less an atheist. He has been wondering what is the real meaning of life for some time now. According to Buddhism, life itself is suffering. And in order to break this cycle, we should do more good and up our karma so that we achieve the state of Nirvana, in which we do not need to be reborn to undergo another life cycle of suffering. Or something like that...correct me if im wrong :P

I want to believe that life is beyond mere routines of working and sleeping. He says, we as human being has average life span of 80 to 90 years (provided ur healthy la), but our life cycle is pretty much predictable. I guess what he means is we are doing exactly what OTHERS SEEM to be doing, whether its the right thing or not is another matter. The life cycle we were talking about is "born-study/graduate-work-married-parenting-die". Well of cos there are some variations eg some of us chose to remain single all his/her life...

We all live in a capitalist and materialistic world, fortunately or unfortunately. Since we were born into this world, we are already bonded to the society norm. Society norm of "born-study/graduate-work-married-parenting-die". We want to be conforming to the norm because we actually have the tendency to be just ORDINARY. We dont want to be stigmatized to be someone abnormal...Its certainly not an easy task to overrule old thinkings or traditions, eventhough they might be wrong. But how many of us actually have the courage to be the one perceived "extraordinary/abnormal"?

He says, we should learn to free ourselves from suffering. Which basically means to have a happy life. When everyone live in this capitalism society, kindness is rare and thus less happiness. Everyone is chasing paper qualifications, higher ranks in jobs, higher status in society, higher level in condo and maybe even a grander place of burial after we die LOL. But what about higher level of happiness?

Then he urged me to "live the actual moment, dont think too much of the past nor the future"....something i have been trying to do for the past half a year actually. And its true that i really feel more liberating when i dont have these different thoughts about the past and future boggling my mind.

"Maybe the very last moment of my life, will it be hurt?" This is his deepest fear in life, the fear of death, which is why he thinks religion is important to him. I was never a philosophical kinda guy. I replied him: "I haven't give much thought about death though. I'm worry more about how i live, rather than how i die.." LOL

But seriously though, i think its true because how u live your life would definitely have some bearing on how u end up later, no?

That was pretty much our short little ranting lolz. Today is my 2nd day of MC actually. Been having fever and generalized joint pain and headache since 2 days ago. Gotten treatment in hospital. Most probably some viral fever or chikugunya fever. The joint pain was pretty bad initially but now much more bearable after taking some stronger painkiller. Why need MC leh? Because im supposed to be working this Raya holiday...Yeah..Life itself is definitely suffering!!......Time to rest more ^^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

scary mama

imagine if every mom knows this song, this world would probably be a better place? LOL

p.s. Have u been a bad bad boy? Bad boy deserves a good spanking! :P

Selamat Hari Raya everyone! Though im still working and stuck in this middle of nowhere...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mind over Civic

Yesterday went to Red Island Cafe @ Greentown iTown for dinner with my friend Anne. Just about to reach the place, noticed my wallet is thin like paper LOL. Then quickly go nearby ATM to extract some cash. So Anne, now u know why lah? Haha..

After finish the transaction, as i was walking out of the door, a KL-registered Vios parked right in front of the bank entrance. A middle-aged Chinese guy probably in his early 30s, wearing office wear, crawled out from his car. Suddenly i heard "Grrrogh...pui...t!" He actually has the nerve to spit right in front of me and the thingy landed just few steps away from me!

Eww...so terrible! Horrible! Vegetable!! I was staring at him and he just pretended like nothing happened. Inside the car was a lady, presumably his gf, wearing a high class ball gown....I was really baffled. Whats wrong with these people?! Never gone to school before?? In chinese we refer as 斯文敗類。If he is an old man i probably would just forget it. Speaking about old man, there was once i rode a bus in KL and in front of me was sitted an old man. Guess what he did? Not only did he spitted onto the bus floor, he actually try to eliminate the secretion by rubbing the flooring with his sandals!!

Somemore stories...Last sat went Kinta City with sis and saw these in the washroom cubicles...(click on the pics to enlarge them)

Why Chinese joystick no good meh??
 Cerdik dan handsome?? If u are, then u wouldn't be so LOW right??
Why highlight the 6 1/2 inch?? 6 1/2 inch is NOTHING ok?? LOL
If u are female visitor please pardon me :D but im wondering if female toilets also has these art displays? :P
Anyway, what im trying to say is, we definitely need more civic-minded people. If not for the sake of hygiene, at least for your own image....

p.s. If u are calling these phone numbers, I shall not bear any responsibility from your actions, k? Haha...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The pitfall of Non-verbal communications

What i mean here is communications via msn, emails and sms messages. Basically any form of indirect communications. No doubt they are cheap, easy to use and save time sometimes. But are they are effective form of communication?
Lately i experienced the displeasure of being tangled up in a whorl of misunderstanding (or maybe not) as a result this. Why is it that misunderstanding  so easy to be invoked from msn or sms?
One reason is we cannot see the facial expression or gesture of the opposite party. Facial expression and gestures tell a lot about a particular person, whether he is in a happy or unhappy mood, angry or joking mode...Secondly, its even harder to detect whether the person is lying to u...because u cannot even see him/her. Thirdly, sms and msn with someone with poor english background can be disastrous, for the obvious reason.
Usually what happens to me is...the person make some distasteful remarks via msn or sms. Maybe he is just joking. But I may never know. After i read the sms i will be very pissed off and retaliates with a defensive reply or counterattack so to say. And things start to get ugly from there. Obviously when both sides are on the heat of the argument, calling the opposite is not an option. U are so near to me, just a call distance. But the same time u are so far away from me......
I have lost one or two friendships due to this very reason. Do i regret it? I frankly have no idea....It could really be a misunderstanding, but it could also mean that we are not really that compatible with each other.....
I treasure the time we have spent together....Though we may be no longer friends but i wish u all the best.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Girlfriend from Hell

This video was pretty widely circulated across the web especially in Singapore. In the clip, the woman was seen tormenting her prey/boyfriend by using her shoes to slap his face and poke his private part REPETITIVELY. The boyfriend is apparently a top successful real estate agent based in SG.

What would u have done if u are the guy in the video? I can only say women these days (or maybe a portion of them) are not like women years ago. So pls dun gimme excuses like gender equality when ur just obviously taking advantage of men. I would look down on u :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jalan Jalan cari Makan

Last weekend went Penang island for cari makan. It was damn jammed in the island as seen from the pic. Then only i realise that its 14 July in Chinese calendar (the day the chinese would throng Kek Lok Si for remembering the deceased or something)...So me and HS were stuck in the road all the way to Kek Lok Si Temple. Poor me who have to drive 400km that day..

We went to KLS first while it was still cloudy weather so that not so hot. The temple itself, the leading stairway etc doesn't seem to have change a bit from few years ago. The stairway was as usual lined by stores selling antiques, shoes, clothing, souvenir etc. Even the wares on sale looks pretty much the same LOL. 

View of the temple
I like this picture very much cos its like there is a spiritual aura surrounding the temple, protecting it from the dark clouds :D
The temple gate overlooking the backdrop of Penang island. Nice view

Finally come down from the temple, all sweaty. HS brought me to this famous Laksa noodle stall just opposite the temple entry. He said this is the most famous Laksa in all of Penang. True or not im not sure la. But judging from the crowd, it might be true afterall. There were just about 10 tables in all. People were standing and LOOKING at the patrons who are sitting to indicate that they are WAITING for the table. Its like "what the hell takes so long for u to finish the small bowl of laksa? Its not shit, u know?" LOL.
Anyway, we waited and finally get ourselves a table and enjoy the meal. IMHO the laksa was not very spectacular though. The soup is too thin to my liking. The noodle is too soft, not sprongy. The hygiene is definitely throw out of the window though. The hawkers was "washing" the bowls by just dipping the bowls into a small little pail with water...and voila! There u go..your clean bowl !  Luckily we didnt down with diarrhoea ^^
It was late noon already when we finish the laksa. So we went window shopping at Gurney and eat again. The Gurney as pic above. Oops. Focus on the wrong subject accidentally :P

HS ordered this as snack. I never eaten it in this form before. Its actually fried chicken skin! Its cripsy and nice, but definitely fattening. Left most of it to HS since he doesnt seem to mind the calories hehe...
That basically sums up the day trip. Didnt have much time visit other places though. Already 8pm when back home. I was so exhausted that i collapsed straight away once i lie on my comfy bed :)