Tuesday, June 29, 2010


 just thought this short video is too sweet and meaningful to be kept in the dark. Enjoy!

Have I told u how amazing u have been to live on until today? : )

Just like this amazing double circular rainbows spotted above Ipoh Railway Station..

Quality not so good cos taken with my mobile. Seen anything like this?

Shot no 2

Halo of rainbow surrounding the sun in broad daylight.

Did i say ur AMAZING to encounter this blog? :P

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why its a good idea to clean your hand after handshake

Especially if the person u shaked hand with is a guy! U see, there was countless times when i was in the staff washroom and notice that alot of the guys actually never wash their hands after their 'business' in the toilet...

Imagine what kind of germs he is transmitting to u through the handshake, after he touched the dirty water hose/pipes, his jewel and perhaps his ass after "big business" AND NEVER wash his hand! And u never know what other "business" they actually do in the toilet when they are horny! Pretty disgusting isnt it?

So always remember to use a handrub or hand sanitizer after u shake hands with a guy. No comment about ladies since i never went inside a ladies' room. But I guess they don't have a jewel to touch every time they pee, right?

Btw, at least the advice given in this toilet humour is correct, its wipe front to back and not back to front. Anyone knows why? :P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

insensitive me? im money freak?

Normally after a  trip together with your friends, how would u settle the accomodation/petrol/tolls etc expenses? I think the usual methods would be either divide equally or someone pay for something eg. food/petrol/toll. Correct me if im wrong. Unless ur my other half, then okla i dont mind probably :P

Apparently this friend felt weird when i asked her for then above expenditures. All the while she thought no need to pay since i never said anything before that wor.

Somemore SMSes i received:

"I guess to you friends are friends. Money is a different story altogether"

"U can get a gazillion dollars in a life time but u can never buy love, sincerity and happiness"

"U berkira alot lor...sometimes money isnt all that matters.....u dont bother what i think also lor..."

"I dont know what to say sometimes. Maybe i expected more from u"

"One thing U must know is sometimes u must be open and have a reachable heart and learn to accept what others say also"

"U always so defensive..waiting to pounce back..so u want me to accept that u are a money freak?

"U are always running away.. Not everything u can forget about it cos the problem will always be there. So u want me to accept u as a money freak is that what ur saying?"

Seriously, I think girls are probably the most complicated thing ever exists in this universe. U think i would give a damn about the little pennies? Isn't that how people usually settle the expenses? How did this become so complicated? Im just a simple guy with a simple mind. No point preaching to me with your ungodly life philosophies. Because I simply cannot understand nor do i give a shit about it. Any wonder why i always run away from girls? They are ****ing troublesome! Well, most of them anyway...

Ok im done ranting.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekend Getaway 2

The beginning of a nice weekend getaway...stuck in the highway... what a great start! Apparently a car crash and burn on the highway. Sampat Malaysians stopped and watched causing the traffic jam, as usual. Bad habits die hard.

Suddenly we took a wrong turn at the highway near KL and ended up landing in the middle of KL traffic jam! I was cursing and mumbling... cant help it LOL

Oh god..finally after 4 hours journey... reached our destination at last! This is where we stayed for the short trip. A nice little cosy old-shoplot turned inn called Tang's house. Clean environment and convenient location. Friendly tauke-soh too. Just the room abit too small...nothing I cannot tahan though. I like their old style interior deco and renovations, feels like those olden times "hak zhan".

What better way to cool down the body than a delicious bowl of cendol? Many favours and long queue too...Not much people on weekdays however. But weekdays there is no night market so better to visit during the weekends where its choked full of cars and people.

The "Batt Bo" cendol, sago cendol and durian cendol. I like Batt Bo the best. Get more fillings and more worth the price :P

I like this pic a lot. The dazzling sunlight makes interesting silhouette on the building. Light and shadows always co-exist, just like yin and yang, goodness and evil :)

I thought this scene was interesting. Rather than working, doesn't the peddler looks like he is dating the old lady? Hehe...so romantic hor :P

This city is not famous for Dimsum but we tried anyway. Very near to the inn. The one like a pointy head is special with otak-otak filling inside the fishball. In the center is fried yam, instead of the usual wanton.

Nadeje, the origin of Mille Crepe@Megamall. Or so they claim to be. Yes its nice. Different texture from the usual cakes because there is many layers. Taste quite cheesy. No wonder my pants also feel tighter after the trip :P

We took the river cruise at night. Nothing much spectacular to see. But the night breeze is nice. Seen here facing the Eye on Malaysia. Pardon for the poor quality night shot. Anyone wanna sponsor me a dSLR?

"Woh Kei" chicken rice balls. Look at the queue! Like the meal is free no need to pay like that. Nice building. The rice is just like the hainan chicken rice, just compressed into balls only. Compressed balls...sound abit salah here hehe... Coconut makes great combo with the balls!

Definitely cannot leave out Nyonya cooking la. Here is Restoran Peranakan with its beautiful deco. Even the menu book also so special. We were the last call because the restaurant was closing for the day. Lucky us. Ayam ponteh is so delicious. Tender chicken meat in the frothy gravy. Recommended!

This is Menara Taming Sara. A rotating observation deck in the middle of the city. We took a ride at night. Night view was nice but nothing extraordinary. Nevertheless its always nice to see little children scream their lungs out from fear of height right? :P

A large food court beside the Mahkota, cant remember the name. The Chee cheung fun was famous after it was shown on Hor Chiak!, the food review show. The noodle was coated with a thin layer of scrambled eggs. Very eggy feel. The chicken soup I ordered was nice, so thick with the yong-sam-sou flavour! Bet its been stewed for hours, very nice for RM5! Below left is steamed fish at Portuguese village. Nice but expensive too.

Pretty historical buildings seen around our inn. LW is the famous shop selling pineapple tarts. Below left is Geography Cafe, popular among the Caucasians. Jonker Boutique Hotel looks nice but way more expensive than our humble inn. Boh lui boh bian lar..

Freshly baked pineapple tarts just out of the oven! Are u salivating? Haha...Rm7 for a small box, quite expensive leh... They have 2 varieties, one is baked with butter like the one above, which is more soft and buttery. Another one is baked with margarine, which is crustier and coarser in nature.

Definitely cannot leave this out la...We passed by Capitol but so many people leh...This satay celup@Ban Lee Siang is nice too, at Jalan Ong Kim Wee. Less crowded but people coming non-stop also. Attentive waiters, nice food, reasonable price. What else to ask for?

Deep blue blue sky. Im feeling blue already! This is where we went, if you still have no idea :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let me go

After the evening meeting, the boss handed me the letter. Finally! After all these years months! Well, one minute here does feel like forever :P

I take a good look at the letter. It states that my transfer application has been approved. The auspicious date is somewhere next month. I sighed with a sign of relieve. Hmm.. less than 1 more month to go... well, better than never. As she handed over the letter, she looked at me with kinda conflicting look on her face and said: "Congrats Bluey, u have got your transfer. But u have to wait until your replacement comes and report herself (yes, its a girl) AND actually start working before u can leave."

Ya right...as if I dont know that. And are u actually trying to curse me that the replacement will never come? Well, i bet it would do u good to just let me go and along the way accumulate some good karma. Am i being sarcastic here? Nah... In fact, i would probably miss your manhole-drilling-like high-pitched voice. Your husband has gotta be the luckiest man in the universe! :)

Yay! No more weekend oncalls (hopefully)! And my beloved replacement please come early ya? Even better if u could report yourself before the actual date. I bet she would love you to bits! If you want flawless skin and complexion without the SKII and other expensive stuffs, just come and work here!

The air and water here is even better than your filtered Diamond Water! Don't believe me? I got proof, u know? My face became coarse after just 1 week in Bangkok (I dont use any facial products) and guess what? The skin heal itself completely within days after im back working here! Miracle huh! And where else on earth do u get free meals, courtesy of your clients when u eat-out? Not to mention the free durian/rambutan/papaya/banana feast... Im sure simonlover would agree with me on this lor...

Am i doing hard-sell here? Nah... so quickly pack your things and come ya! As for me, I hope things will be smooth at the new place... Hmm...still not sure about the long term plan yet. What to do after this? Stay in gov service? Go private? Open own business? But I dont have any business background wor...

Wish me luck.