Monday, August 31, 2009


During its initial growing phase, no doubt it was still very small in size. But then it has very precious commodities, which are youthness, unlimited energy as well as resources. And so, with the right amount of sensory inputs, adequate sunshines, good hydration, it grows….
Not to mention its size also grow considerably in length and diameter. At the same time, the reservoir inside is also developing seedlings in order to propagate the next offspring, new generation.  

When its young and small, due to the small mass, it is less affected by the power of gravity. And so, it grows up and up, forming an erection. However, as it reaches the stage of maturity, it has garnered enough weight and thickness, so much so that the stalk is not able to support the trunk anymore. And so, it starts to droop, as in everything that is affected by our earth’s gravity.
However, all is not lost. Because it is most delicious when it is fully matured. The flesh is tender yet firm, the colour is more appealing, and the aroma is simply heavenly!
I can’t wait to peel its skin and put in my mouth. Yummy yummy! So nutritious so fulfilling!

erected papayas in my garden

 mature papayas in my garden

Happy merdeka holiday people! Time to erect Malaysian flags

Saturday, August 29, 2009

weekend hiatus

Just back to hometown yesterday. Though its early evening around 5pm+ the highway was already so choked with cars. Must be due to the national day holiday so everyone taking the weekend hiatus.

Later will go Medan Gopeng station to fetch HS. Today he still have training course so i have all day to myself again as usual. But nevermind, we're going for a short excursion to Penang tomorrow :) For me already been ages since the last time i went to the Pearl of the orient. Now still retaining its lustre or not, i wonder.

HS say he wanna eat Penang Laksa and Tambun seafood...Hmm...not exactly my liking. Yeah im the weird breed who don't like spicy food, certain fruits/vege and seafood. So if sum up together there would be quite a number of things that i always avoid eg. laksa, tomyam, prawn, crab, those lala, sotong, petai etc.....and list goes on and on. Im so picky hor?

What to do, i got seafood phobia since little. There was  one incident where grandma cooked crabs but maybe it was not cleaned properly or half-cook, i was down with severe diarrhoea and vomitting. Since then been having seafood phobia. Never touch a crab in my life since that day. Nowadays improve a bit since i can take a bit of prawns. (In my head i always think crabs and prawns are in-fact the same thing) LOL

Anyway, i look forward to the sight seeing and shopping :P    Anything worthy to buy in Penang?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what to eat what to eat??

Working in a rural place like this has its cons. And one of them is food. There is just so little choice. Everyday its like rotating between A B C D E A B C D E....until i oso dunno what to eat fed up. If only i can cook....

Finally tapao this for dinner.

Braised pork with yam 芋頭扣肉
 Vege and rice
Not exactly economical at RM6.50. Pretty large serving though. I have to separate into 2 sessions-dinner and supper LOL.

Recruiting a cook to prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any applicants? wahaha

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Queen 敗犬女王

Drama description: "What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker? There is an 8 year age difference – what kind of story would then be created? A story that will let us laugh and let us cry. I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!"

Lately i been occupied with this taiwanese drama series. Enjoy every bits of it though i haven't finished it yet. Few more episodes to go. Nice storyline with good looking casts=great show

The 2 main casts:












The drama was also graced with many of Fish Leong musics, which are really soothing and nice! Opening and ending soundtracks with the MV:

Hope she continue to sing after married!

Quote of the day: "世界上最遙遠的距離不是生與死
而是我就站在你面前 你卻不知道我愛你"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dead or Alive

nope, im not talking about the computer game DOA.

Yesterday there was an odd case here. A middle-age Malay guy drove to the casualty unit and requested for help to identify a relative of his whether its expired or not (dead or not dead). So i have no choice but to follow his car with one of my staff.

He brought us to a remote Malay village not too far away. Not long after we reached our destination. An old wooden single storey house. Outside the house there were a whole bunch of villagers gathering around for the ?death gathering?.

As i step out of the car and hush into the house to settle the case, the villagers were fixing their eyes on me. My face was turning red already. Why? Of cos not because im handsome lar.

U see...yesterday was weekend ma. I was wear casual only. and my casual is just a t-shirt with a pair of shorts. I was like "holy S**T!" Not to mention there was another bunch of old ladies gathering in the hall. And it was the first day of Ramadan too. Haiz...i hope the ladies didnt skip a beat while looking at my sexy hairy legs LOL. Well luckily no body fainted. But i do hear some voices here and there, presumably talking about my sexy legs LOL

So out of embarassment i just dashed into the house and quickly settle the case. When we entered the house, there was a body belonging to an old lady lying on the bed. She was already covered from head to toe with a piece of white cloth, probably preparing for funeral or some rituals. Haiz...i was thinking...what for they still need people to check whether the person is dead since they already literally "bungkus" her? so funny.

Fortunately my Malay staff is there to sort of "alleviate" my embarassment. What a day!

p.s. some guys can wear shorts so sexily! i wish i could pull it off too :P

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ice cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches are frozen desserts composed of a layer of ice cream of any variety "sandwiched" between two cookies or slices of cake. My version though is sandwiched with two slices of bread. But looong time didn't eat this already. Used to eat this as snack while watching my favourite shows. i miss it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


(excerpt from sinchew-i)


2009-08-18 19:34
















Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Like it or not, camwhoring is becoming phenomenal. Don't believe it? Read on. Reason being all living being has some vanity DNA inscribed in our cells. According to Wikipedia:

A cam whore (sometimes cam-whore or cam-slut) is an individual who performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for money or goods, usually by a fixed per minute fee or by encouraging viewers to purchase items on their wish lists or add to their online accounts. While the label is usually considered derogatory and insulting, it is also used by these people to describe themselves, occasionally in a self-deprecating manner.

The term "cam whore" is also used to refer to individuals who post pictures or videos of themselves on the Internet to gain attention. The term disparages those who post pictures of themselves at inappropriate times or places, and usually implies self-absorption. This second usage of the term, deriding vanity and histrionics, is overtaking the prior, more intuitive definition. It is usually synonymous with attention whore.

Granted that i dont have 10GB of self-portraits in my portable drive, i dont take spontaneous pics whenever i go to the toilet, and i dont stare blankly into my webcam every single day, but i do take a pic or two, once a blue moon when boredom sets in.

Well, u see,

Girls camwhore...

so do guys

not to mention celebrities

as do gays


children ....(oh so cute!) and even...

animals do camwhoring!

So what's wrong with me joining the fun?

yes i know the pic is blurry. But im not a lengchai ok? Have to conceal here and there a bit lah =P

Where's yours?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't text and drive

If only our Bolehland can produce such good public service video..Here is a video from a Police department from Wales.

The video where the heads were rocking back and forth, left and right, all the while the music was playing, was cool though. Wonder how they film that :P

But seriously, don't drink and drive. Don't text and drive.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The power of adaptation

see for yourself the amazing ability living beings possess...

the scene where she peels the potato and slicing the noodles had me broke out in sweat. What say u?

This time a little doggie called Faith...

Amazing arent they? If only im this flexible :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


come across an interesting article this morning while surfing.












* courtesy of 星洲互动*

IMHO, as much as its illustrated the differences between like and love here, i would like to think love as something like analogue rather than digital. There is no clear measurement nor boundary. Where is the border than really separates LIKE and LOVE? Its more like a spectrum of rainbow. What do u think?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brainless people are holding positions they shouldn't have the damned right to be!

Something happened today at my workplace which really infuriated me. There was a patient, a young malay girl, who came with her school teacher to see me today. The following conversation takes place subsequently:

"Yes, can i help u ?"

The teacher then starts talking.

"Good afternoon. This is my student here. U see, she is going for a camp tomorrow somewhere in Thailand tomorrow (i forgot the exact place). So in order to do so, she needs a letter/cert to confirm that she is healthy from the clinics."

"Is the school authority in their sound mind to send off their students to Thailand at this point in time for something so menial?" I asked. Obviously already started fuming.

"Well, its the decision of the JPN (Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri). So we just have to follow the instructions" the teacher said to me while handling me the circular related to the camp.

I looked through the circulars and it seems there is supposed to be some sort of declaration form for the student to fill up to say that they are healthy or something. I was already busy with the increasing patients coming with flu symptoms that doesnt really need to come in the first place. But i can't blame them entirely because everyone seems so panic about the whole H1N1 situation, which is totally uncalled for. And now, im supposed to write letters for these obviously healthier than u-and-me students to declare that they are safe to travel??

"Do u think i have microscopic eyes that can see through your student whether she has got H1N1 or not?" I asked the teacher. "obviously no right? Then why the heck the school still wants the student to be declared healthy by docs before going somewhere?"

The teacher replied:"Well its the instruction from JPN. We just have to follow"

Im really fuming at that point. Really wanted to ask her "If the JPN ask u to eat shit, would u eat shit?". F**k. For the sake of decency i hold off my temper.

My questions are:
-Why would the relevant ministry defy common sense and so happy to send off these young students to a H1N1 hotspot? Its literally sending them to die. And that is totally immoral and unacceptable!

-Why are health practitioners required to declare that these student are healthy before they venture outside? Do we have bionic eyes? microscopic eyes to see if your students is infected with H1N1? If so, what for u need thermal scanners and throat swab??

-There is never a circular from the Health Ministry that says students need to be declared safe and non-biohazard by medical practitioners before going somewhere. Why does the other ministry makes rules of their own?? U think the docs are shaking legs in their clinic with nothing better to do izzit?? Do u know that due to unnecessary panics among the general population, people seeking for cough and cold have double or even triple in the gov clinics and hospitals? The emergency departments are on the verge of total meltdown, do u know that?

To the BRAINLESS people who are holding ministrial positions that they DO NOT deserve, please wake up from your slumberland, get up from your plush sofas, open your eyes to the realities of today's world! Stop counting your dirty money u get from your bribes and have mercy on the innocent general population that u are about to send off to death zone!! and ....

Get your head off your asses!

I bet if your children is in the camping trip, u would not have organized this trip to hell!

WTH. I don't care anymore. Or couldn't care anymore. These students are big enough to make their own decision. It their life, so to say...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Prison Break to Taiping

This weekend im stuck in this ulu place again due to on call. Nevertheless, i managed to "prison break" to Taiping for the morning with 2 local friends of mine hohoho...I was driving above the speed limit cos i don't wanna spend too much time in Taiping just in case i get called for work. HAIZ.... We straight head to a place called Pokok Assam to have our breakfast there. There is eatery hall just beside the pasar there. A lot of elderly people were buying vege and having breakfast there. My frens had wanton mee while i had economy mihun. .

My fren "dapao" a pack of glutinous rice for us (pic above). Its different from what i usually had before cos it is topped with slices of BBQ pork "肉乾“ and "肉絲“ and some nuts. Its something new to me. The taste is ok. Not to say its fantastic or what. Just different.

This is the morning market that sells the usual vegetables, food, cd, clothes and etc. A guy behind me was asking my fren in Hokkien whether im a enforcement officer LOL. They were afraid that i was taking pics of them trading illegal cds, dvds and stuff haha. Hey comeon, im just using my ancient cameraphone leh...

After fishing some music cds and some more food, we went for lunch in the city center. Had chicken rice but not very nice IMHO. Cant remember the shop name. Just too salty and too fat for me. The char siew (pic above) was nice though. Its fried with sesame seeds so its more fragrant than the usual char siew we had. And there is no colouring added, which is good.

This is the "Perpustakaan Bergerak" parked by the road side or mobile library. Its not open for business so no chance to go in. Wonder what they have in store? Harry Potter? Playboy? Galaxie? hmm...highly unlikely i guess LOL.

This weekend there is PC fair in the Taiping Municipal Hall. Its smaller scale than i thought. It opens at 11am and its already jam packed with people! Just browsing through the laptops and netbooks on display. Notice that the netbooks doesn't seem a good deal because their specs is lower than the average laptop and doesn't have DVD drive. Well...u never know when u might need one, u see. I still think its better deal to get a proper laptop, especially now that we have ultralight portables that consume low voltage.

Something weird happen at a stall while i was swimming in the sea of human.. A pretty salesgirl approached me and surprisingly the first sentence she uttered wasn't anything related to promoting her laptops. It goes like this:

Girl: Hi! You're here again!
Me: ???? Again?
Girl: Yeah! (showing her million dollar smile). You were here yesterday right?
Me: (even more confuse) Nope...i don't think so....
Girl: But...i really saw u here yesterday!
Me: (was thinking is the girl ok?....the PC fair just started today only wor...) Nope...i just come today...
GIrl: Oh izzit..? guys really look alike! OMG!
Me: (OMG! Are u hallucinating?) Oh i see. U must have mistaken me for someone else...

The girl was still insisting that the guy she saw yesterday was me! Well...whatever...then she dragged me to a stall table and proceed to introduce her lappies to me lor...Hmm....i was thinking isn't this a bit too hardsell? Or she is just really hallucinating? I have no idea.

Nevertheless she seems kind enough to ask what im looking for, my budgets, preferences, types, position....she was explaining in detail her stuffs and ask me to avoid Acer laptops because they use cheap materials etc. I tend to agree with her i have a bad impression of the brand too LOL.

Well...nothing happen eventually. I just bought a mouse and thats it. Im really looking for a lappy but better to go back hometown to buy i guess, in case anything happens. Anyway, the PC fair will shift to Ipoh in 2 weeks time. And most likely i will see her again that time LOL. If she were in those cosplay kawaii costumes then probably i would consider this time...something along the line like this...LOLz

Thats all for my saturday yesterday. Come back exhausted and zzz....^^

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