Friday, May 20, 2011

To 愛 or not 愛


H: I want 愛 phone. The white colour looks so pure. Just like me!

B: 愛 for what? Your phone is still functioning properly. Why waste money and pollute the mother earth?

H: The old phone is not use friendly. Not sensitive at all to my touch. And it always hang. I hate it!

B: 愛 phone is damn expensive. One year of ownership cost RM 3k+!

H: Its expensive for a reason. There are so many useful apps. Like whatsapp lets u sms others for free. Can even call up people middle of the night to pee, for free! And Viber let u call for free! Facetime...medical apps...g apps...its amazing! Android doesnt even come close!

B: U stil gotta pay RM 100 a month for the line. How much u spend on phone a month normally? RM 30? RM 40? Why u wanna pay extra so much for something u not going to use?

H: Its THE gadget to get nowadays! Besides, there must be a solid reason why everyone around u is pestering to get 愛phone right?

B: 愛 phone 5 is just around the corner. No point buying the 4 now. It will be obsolete very soon. Forget it.

H: Rumor says september but this is Bolehland! Bolehland is never given priority in Apple roadmap! It may take a whole year to reach this part of the world! Better just buy it now.

B: Cheh! Ur always at home wut...home and office already have WIFI for u to online 24 hours. I don't see the urgent need to get connected whenever u are out. Cos ur seldom out there. And give me a break! U don't even call people!! 愛 for what?

H: ......