Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend getaway to ........

Just let the pictures do the talking :)

Juicy oranges and watermelon. yumyum..

naughty monkeys abundant

claypot tiger prawn in special sauce

fish spa RM10 for 20 minutes. Didn't feel much difference on my feet after that though haha..

cosy dining

tasteful deco at restaurant

Think of an island. Getaway from the hecticness of daily life. Need the break from Hell :P

Soft sand on my feet, with the sea waves caressing..

Cheap liquors everywhere...i love these bottles' design!

Cosy dining at Putumayo, outstanding restaurant of year 2010/2011 ..

Another fine dining place named "seafood and steakhouse". A must-visit place for the food and romantic atmosphere when ur here!

The best Mojito in the island! Or so the waiter Opted for alcoholic beverage since liquor is cheaper than mineral water over here ;)

Comfy ambient. Attentive service. Yummilicious food. Whats not to like? I could sit for hours here.

Poor me was totally burnt, notice the obvious V neck line. LOL.
On the left is Tuna sandwich set from the only Mexican cafe around the beach. Big set for just RM6+. truly value for money, compare to cafes elsewhere along the road.

Should be obvious now where is this place, isn't it? haha..

Fatty monkey who snatch food from island's unsuspecting visitors. 
What ur looking at? Don't be jealous of my big balls! :P

Friday, May 20, 2011

To 愛 or not 愛


H: I want 愛 phone. The white colour looks so pure. Just like me!

B: 愛 for what? Your phone is still functioning properly. Why waste money and pollute the mother earth?

H: The old phone is not use friendly. Not sensitive at all to my touch. And it always hang. I hate it!

B: 愛 phone is damn expensive. One year of ownership cost RM 3k+!

H: Its expensive for a reason. There are so many useful apps. Like whatsapp lets u sms others for free. Can even call up people middle of the night to pee, for free! And Viber let u call for free! Facetime...medical apps...g apps...its amazing! Android doesnt even come close!

B: U stil gotta pay RM 100 a month for the line. How much u spend on phone a month normally? RM 30? RM 40? Why u wanna pay extra so much for something u not going to use?

H: Its THE gadget to get nowadays! Besides, there must be a solid reason why everyone around u is pestering to get 愛phone right?

B: 愛 phone 5 is just around the corner. No point buying the 4 now. It will be obsolete very soon. Forget it.

H: Rumor says september but this is Bolehland! Bolehland is never given priority in Apple roadmap! It may take a whole year to reach this part of the world! Better just buy it now.

B: Cheh! Ur always at home wut...home and office already have WIFI for u to online 24 hours. I don't see the urgent need to get connected whenever u are out. Cos ur seldom out there. And give me a break! U don't even call people!! 愛 for what?

H: ......

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The story of Threadfin 馬友魚的故事

While having dinner at a chinese restaurant last night with family, mum ordered threadfin a.k.a 馬友魚 as one of the dishes. The place was jam packed with families since it was weekend night. Even more scarier was that most of the tables was sit by at least 10 persons, kids included. Such big family feast....something I never get used to. I describe it as simply "messy affair". You know... the family members talking out their lungs about family politics, national issues debate, work related problems, while the children running around playing hide and seek and merry go-around.

I have to admit that I had never given second thought about what i put in my mouth most of the time, except for the calories intake, i guess. Example, try asking me to different this fish and that fish, this vegetable and that vegetable....i would most probably tell you they look almost the same, save for the more obvious ones :P

Threadfins are silvery grey perciform marine fish of the family Polynemidae in order Perciformes. Found in tropical to subtropical waters throughout the world, the threadfin family contains nine genera and 33 species. Threadfin has been used as a co-ingredient in creating Crab sticks. Treadfin are prized in restaurants because they are perfect for steaming, poaching and frying and are delicious when prepared Hawaiian, Oriental or European styles. 

Apparently they are quite expensive too. The dish alone cost rm20 with the fish portion probably enough for 3 persons with average appetite. Really remind me of the chinese saying "吃米不知米貴“, literally means you don't know the price of the food you are ingesting. Well, to me it still tastes almost the same, hahaha....

Which bring to the question of ... Do u contribute part of your income for your family expenses? Things been getting more pricey year after year, hence family expenses would consequently be higher as well, just that your parents may choose to keep mum about it. Things will only get worse after GST implementation.

And by the way, have you paid your income tax? Just to remind that deadline is on 30 April for salaried workers. I just submitted mine. Too bad even after deducting everything I could, I still gotta pay to the gomen, bearing in mind that income tax in this country is much higher than even Singapore or Hong Kong. We are talking about difference of 23% vs 8%. So please dont overpay your taxes, and at the same time keep away from tax evasion, since the repercussion can be serious. One of my new goals would be : Zero tax post deduction for next year's assessment! :P

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hauled to court

Just got a call from the jungle's court magistrate where i used to work last time to attend a court proceeding, so called "subpoena" . Was told that it is regarding an assault case which happened while i was working there. I guess probably to testify in the court or something. I had never ever step inside a court all my life so far. The jungle is in faraway land somemore...feel so lazy to go. I fear the attorneys might try to grill my balls or something lor..haiz. Or am I thinking too much? You know, seeing how the MACC lawyer performed in the famous Teoh Beng Hock case....What if the lawyer accuse me of lying and postulate the possibility of "the victim strangulated himself"?

May I choose to not attend? -..-

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ah Soh's story-finale

Another sickly day. While I was coughing and balut-ing wantan in the room, suddenly someone open the door. Pung! There she is, appearing out of nowhere ali-baba style. It was just her and me, face to face. I immediately call in the next client, in case she try anything funny.

A middle-aged uncle came in. But she is still not budging. Damn..this technique doesnt seem to work anymore.

GET OUT!!!! I yelled. Poor uncle was shocked by my sudden scream. My bad. Didn't mean to induce heart attack on him..

”用不用這麼兇啊?” I heard her mumbling on her way out.

After 解決the uncle, its time to 解決 her once and for all! I gave a tinkle to the corporal officer. Efficient enough, the kancil police car came within few minutes. I greeted the corporal.

"Is that her?"
"Yup. The one in flowery dress sitting on the front row."

A policewoman approach her.
"Saya lapar..boleh belanja saya makan ah?" the psycho lady asked.
"Ya tentu boleh. Mari ikut saya, kita pergi makan!" the uniformed lady replied.

And so she was escorted out the lobby under the watchful eyes of a full audience. Even I felt paiseh cos the crowd was looking at me when I was talking to the corporal. I swear i even saw a few ladies laughed while trying to cover their mouth, though it was a pathetic effort since their mouth were just too big.

Apparently she tried to flee after stepped out of the entrance. But luckily the uniform team was able to capture her. Such drama. Such cunning psycho lady.

At noon i got a call from hospital bahagia. YES! She is finally safe and sound at her new playground...Adieu! May our path never crosses again in the future!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Psycho and Fearless

Been sickly all day, but nothing beats the end of this historic day. There "she" is, sneaking into my room when the frontliner staffs were away. Sat across me, she point to her earthy-coloured feet impregnated with skin lesion. I kindly asked her to wait outside for her turn. Luckily the counter people was competent enough to refer her to the other room.

She came out of the consultation room. Still seated at the lobby. By this time everyone also know what she is up to. 4pm....5pm.....Her inertia was too great. Even if Hurricane Katrina were to blow away the whole workplace, her feets would still be firmly planted on the lobby floor. Like a snake preying on an earth rat, her eyes were staring intently for any signs of ME.

As my colleagues came to my room and left the door jar opened, talking about her, I heard something.

"Ah Soh, sudah pukul 5, office mau tutup. T sudah balik. U balik lah!"

"Ooi....Lu panggil saya Ah Soh? Saya masih sangat muda lagi leh! T masih di dalam lagi. Saya nampak dia di dalam!"

Colleagues were gathered around in my room, discussing whether to call the police. I hesitated for a while. But there really doesn't seem to have other viable alternative. She just wouldn't listen, even after just being warned not to stalk barely an hour ago.

Then she walked out of the lobby. Too bad its not only towards the entrance, but all the way towards my car under the shady tree! There she is again. Merry go around my car like fly lingering around a caramel custard!

Our patience were wearing thin. We have no choice but make the call. Shortly after, a kancil police car came in through the gate. As if sensing danger, she slowly retreat to the exit. As my colleague and I went out to explain the dire situation we were in, she spotted me! She came back!! Even while we were talking to the policeman! She is just getting out of control, or just FEARLESS!

Somehow the policemen were hesitant to send her way on the spot, instead ask us to call them again tomorrow if she continue to act the same, and that they will send her away to the rightful place she belongs. Well fine...who are we to argue with the mighty Kancil? the police car then escort her to the exit and out...i think all of us were breaking cold sweat at that moment.

To be continued...

After posting the stories in my fb, it seems i had found some ardent followers as well. Perhaps I could be a freelance writer if I ever change my career path one day. Well, who knows... :)

No signing on my ass-crack though :P