Monday, April 19, 2010

Bad publicity

A friend of mine, K, has recently gone into a relationship. K's friends have been unsupportive of K's partner, saying that they don't match and it probably won't work. K was not able to find out the reason behind despite grilling the friends for further info. So now K was left in the lurch whether to trust his partner or to trust his friends.

I have never been in such situation before but i just try my best to give him my 2 cents. I asked him to check the facts again with his friends. What exactly do they mean? Surely there is something going on if a few friends saying the same thing right? If these friends really care about u, im sure they would reveal the real reason underneath. 

I also asked him whether he knows any of his partner's friends. He could probably know more about the partner too from there. The past stories, the good points, bad points etc..
Last but not least, is to give himself more time to understand the partner since they are still pretty new in this relationship. There is no harm spending more time together to understand each other better.

And of course, there is other underhanded technique like checking the spouse's cellphone etc. But i would not recommend it simply because its invasion of individual privacy and u do not give due respect to the spouse (if the spouse is indeed clean).

Have u ever been in this shoe? How do u deal with these unwanted publicity of your spouse? Would u check on your spouse's cellphone or even msn?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brotherly Love

One afternoon my colleague and I was walking back to the office from lunch under the scorching sun. No choice-lah, i wanna burn off the excess calories from the meals mah otherwise my sparetyre will get bigger and bigger! So my poor colleague also have to suffer with me together. Luckily she got umbrella :P   (Please dont blame me for the sun-tan eh?)

Anyway, there was a motorcycle cruising past beside us heading towards a nearby school. A lad was riding the bike while a young schoolboy was sitting behind. Fair skin, tad skinny, with a mischievous smile, I could recognize the little boy is the son of a nearby kopitiam tauke. The lad looks like his brother, around 18-20 years old.


The little boy was enveloping his brother's waist with his skinny arms. Legs dangling away from the seat. His head was resting firmly on the brother's back, facing our direction. We heard the elder brother saying "你可不可以不要抓得這麼緊啊??" (Could U not grab me so tightly?  The boy didnt say anything. He just smile from ear to ear with his devilish grin. The bike zoomed off leaving a dust of smoke. It was such a kawaii (cute) scene! My colleague and I laughed from the bottom of our heart. Too bad it happened in an instant and I didnt have time to capture on photo.

The lad probably doesn't know that in few years time, his little brother is gonna grow and this priceless moment might never happen again. How nice if i have a brother... elder bro who cares for me, younger bro whom i could pick on. hehe...

If only...

Friday, April 9, 2010

男人天生愛犯賤 Of being jerks

犯賤 is a cantonese word. I dont really know how to translate into English. Anyone here can help? The best I could think of is "to bring something onto yourself" or "u asked for it".

In relationship matters, there are quite alot of 犯賤 scenarios.

First and most common, a couple together for some time, whether married or unmarried, then one or both of them feel the partner is not good enough or he/she just want some additional fun factor, so here comes hookups and 3rd party. Common enough, i would say. 犯賤 case number 1.

U have a good looking face or nice body or attractive personality. People flock to u like bees to flowers. Easily u can switch partners or have multiple partners at the same time. Always looking for the someone better and better. Never satisfied with who-ever comes along. No one is good enough for you, ever. Another 犯賤 case.

There are people interested in U but u keep brushing them away because they are too "low", too easily-acquired. No challenge at all. Instead u try to flirt with someone u like but he/she never show a bit of interest in u. Never mind. U track him/her down. Call and sms everyday. Still no reply. U wait and wait. Until the next potential target comes along. 犯賤 case number 3.

U like somebody but secretly admire from afar. Hoping the cupid works its intended way and suddenly one day the person would notice u. Then one nice day ur heart breaks when u find out the person is no more single available. 犯賤 or not?

Anymore scenario u could think of? Are u or are u not 犯賤 too?

Happy Friday :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

M for MC

Since i started working 2 years ago, i have the notion that Monday equals MC day. In case u are wondering what is MC (if ur really that diligent or innocent) , MC is medical certificate/ medical leave.

Every Monday comes, there will be people lining up for taking leaves. The trend is especially apparent in a clinic. No denying that there are real sick people needing an MC, there are lots of fakers too. Among some of the usual complaints they come with are abdominal pain, diarrhoea, fever, headache, vomiting, bodyache etc...things that cannot be checked physically...oops..did i say too much? :P Anyway those who can get away with it should just nominate themselves for best actor/actress award...We could only give everyone benefit of doubt, dont we?

Well, never occur to me that I become the one needing an MC today. Because i never took MC on Monday and im not one of those fakers. Was waken up by an intense abdominal pain around 3am. I could literally hear my bowels screaming. Water was gushing in and out in the bowels. As if they were making a cup of teh tarik. Made several visits to the washroom. It wasnt teh tarik in the end. It was more like chrysanthemum tea, in the toilet bowl..

So, anyone up for a cup of freshly brewed chrysanthemum tea? haha...happy working everyone :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I quite like this song by Landy温岚 . Its a chinese song titled 傻瓜 (Fool)
but english subtitle is included. Enjoy! :P

The lyrics might sound too familiar for some of us..