Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dsLR vs point-and-click camera

This pic was taken 2 years ago when i backpacked to  Cambodia with friends. Top left showing floating market of Tonle Sap Lake, followed by the scenic mirror-like reflection of an unknown river. Top right showing horses grazing on a grassland plateau just opposite the mirror-like lake just now. Walk a bit more over a bridge is some buddha statues and gate shown on bottom left pic. Bottom right are the cute children of Tonle Sap community. Centerpiece is sunrise pic of Angkor Wat :)

All above pics were taken with my old Nikon e3200 (3.2 MP point and shoot camera). Been thinking whether i should move on the dsLR or other more advanced camera on the market. On the other hand, i dunno anything about exposure, aperture etc. Never taken photography lesson in my life. So i just point and click whichever angle i like :) Really like the simplicity of point-and-shoot. Hmm...should i or should i not change? Any pro here can give advice? :)
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Min said...

The sunrise pic of Angkor Wat is great, hehe, initially I thought you shoot it with dslr. Anyway, I'm also learning how to really use dslr, and it's really not easy...hehe

dyoie said...

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