Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what to eat what to eat??

Working in a rural place like this has its cons. And one of them is food. There is just so little choice. Everyday its like rotating between A B C D E A B C D E....until i oso dunno what to eat fed up. If only i can cook....

Finally tapao this for dinner.

Braised pork with yam 芋頭扣肉
 Vege and rice
Not exactly economical at RM6.50. Pretty large serving though. I have to separate into 2 sessions-dinner and supper LOL.

Recruiting a cook to prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any applicants? wahaha


Medie007 said...

waaah... pork! :D *drool drool*

i love mixed rice, dunno why. hahah

bluesoul said...

medie007: i like mixed rice and pork too. But i don't want to be porkchop (豬扒)!! LOL

TZ said...

I like roasted pork, steam pork with salted fish, pork stew etc... Yummy! :p

bluesoul said...

TZ: yalo pork so nice so many cooking methods. pity some people never eat such delicious pork in their life :P