Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dead or Alive

nope, im not talking about the computer game DOA.

Yesterday there was an odd case here. A middle-age Malay guy drove to the casualty unit and requested for help to identify a relative of his whether its expired or not (dead or not dead). So i have no choice but to follow his car with one of my staff.

He brought us to a remote Malay village not too far away. Not long after we reached our destination. An old wooden single storey house. Outside the house there were a whole bunch of villagers gathering around for the ?death gathering?.

As i step out of the car and hush into the house to settle the case, the villagers were fixing their eyes on me. My face was turning red already. Why? Of cos not because im handsome lar.

U see...yesterday was weekend ma. I was wear casual only. and my casual is just a t-shirt with a pair of shorts. I was like "holy S**T!" Not to mention there was another bunch of old ladies gathering in the hall. And it was the first day of Ramadan too. Haiz...i hope the ladies didnt skip a beat while looking at my sexy hairy legs LOL. Well luckily no body fainted. But i do hear some voices here and there, presumably talking about my sexy legs LOL

So out of embarassment i just dashed into the house and quickly settle the case. When we entered the house, there was a body belonging to an old lady lying on the bed. She was already covered from head to toe with a piece of white cloth, probably preparing for funeral or some rituals. Haiz...i was thinking...what for they still need people to check whether the person is dead since they already literally "bungkus" her? so funny.

Fortunately my Malay staff is there to sort of "alleviate" my embarassment. What a day!

p.s. some guys can wear shorts so sexily! i wish i could pull it off too :P


TZ said...

Dude, how should we know if you have sexy leg or not if you don show us your leg in this post ... hahaha :p

bluesoul said...

TZ: while i do agree that great things are meant to be shared, but im no exhibitionist. Im just a low profile guy :P