Saturday, August 29, 2009

weekend hiatus

Just back to hometown yesterday. Though its early evening around 5pm+ the highway was already so choked with cars. Must be due to the national day holiday so everyone taking the weekend hiatus.

Later will go Medan Gopeng station to fetch HS. Today he still have training course so i have all day to myself again as usual. But nevermind, we're going for a short excursion to Penang tomorrow :) For me already been ages since the last time i went to the Pearl of the orient. Now still retaining its lustre or not, i wonder.

HS say he wanna eat Penang Laksa and Tambun seafood...Hmm...not exactly my liking. Yeah im the weird breed who don't like spicy food, certain fruits/vege and seafood. So if sum up together there would be quite a number of things that i always avoid eg. laksa, tomyam, prawn, crab, those lala, sotong, petai etc.....and list goes on and on. Im so picky hor?

What to do, i got seafood phobia since little. There was  one incident where grandma cooked crabs but maybe it was not cleaned properly or half-cook, i was down with severe diarrhoea and vomitting. Since then been having seafood phobia. Never touch a crab in my life since that day. Nowadays improve a bit since i can take a bit of prawns. (In my head i always think crabs and prawns are in-fact the same thing) LOL

Anyway, i look forward to the sight seeing and shopping :P    Anything worthy to buy in Penang?


Medie007 said...

me can't take spicy too... bowel opening without control. :P

bluesoul said...

medie007: so im not alone in this aspect. Gimme five! :P