Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brainless people are holding positions they shouldn't have the damned right to be!

Something happened today at my workplace which really infuriated me. There was a patient, a young malay girl, who came with her school teacher to see me today. The following conversation takes place subsequently:

"Yes, can i help u ?"

The teacher then starts talking.

"Good afternoon. This is my student here. U see, she is going for a camp tomorrow somewhere in Thailand tomorrow (i forgot the exact place). So in order to do so, she needs a letter/cert to confirm that she is healthy from the clinics."

"Is the school authority in their sound mind to send off their students to Thailand at this point in time for something so menial?" I asked. Obviously already started fuming.

"Well, its the decision of the JPN (Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri). So we just have to follow the instructions" the teacher said to me while handling me the circular related to the camp.

I looked through the circulars and it seems there is supposed to be some sort of declaration form for the student to fill up to say that they are healthy or something. I was already busy with the increasing patients coming with flu symptoms that doesnt really need to come in the first place. But i can't blame them entirely because everyone seems so panic about the whole H1N1 situation, which is totally uncalled for. And now, im supposed to write letters for these obviously healthier than u-and-me students to declare that they are safe to travel??

"Do u think i have microscopic eyes that can see through your student whether she has got H1N1 or not?" I asked the teacher. "obviously no right? Then why the heck the school still wants the student to be declared healthy by docs before going somewhere?"

The teacher replied:"Well its the instruction from JPN. We just have to follow"

Im really fuming at that point. Really wanted to ask her "If the JPN ask u to eat shit, would u eat shit?". F**k. For the sake of decency i hold off my temper.

My questions are:
-Why would the relevant ministry defy common sense and so happy to send off these young students to a H1N1 hotspot? Its literally sending them to die. And that is totally immoral and unacceptable!

-Why are health practitioners required to declare that these student are healthy before they venture outside? Do we have bionic eyes? microscopic eyes to see if your students is infected with H1N1? If so, what for u need thermal scanners and throat swab??

-There is never a circular from the Health Ministry that says students need to be declared safe and non-biohazard by medical practitioners before going somewhere. Why does the other ministry makes rules of their own?? U think the docs are shaking legs in their clinic with nothing better to do izzit?? Do u know that due to unnecessary panics among the general population, people seeking for cough and cold have double or even triple in the gov clinics and hospitals? The emergency departments are on the verge of total meltdown, do u know that?

To the BRAINLESS people who are holding ministrial positions that they DO NOT deserve, please wake up from your slumberland, get up from your plush sofas, open your eyes to the realities of today's world! Stop counting your dirty money u get from your bribes and have mercy on the innocent general population that u are about to send off to death zone!! and ....

Get your head off your asses!

I bet if your children is in the camping trip, u would not have organized this trip to hell!

WTH. I don't care anymore. Or couldn't care anymore. These students are big enough to make their own decision. It their life, so to say...


Chris said...

haha.... they r alwaz brainless one la..

bluesoule said...

yeah these people definitely need brain transplant !

Bryan D.C. said...

Anyway...hope your health are still in good condition despite the increasing influenza infected patients...

bluesoule said...

bryan: hey thanks for dropping by and thanks for your concern too! actually im already down with flu symptoms since a week ago, luckily no fever yet...just self-medicate with the usual medicines and working as usual. otherwise who will do my job? sob...sob..

Bryan D.C. said...

I just recovered from a bad flu too...can climb a mountain now...haha
Take care there Mr doc...=P