Thursday, July 1, 2010

Share your sorrows

Excerpt from Yahoo News:
S.Korean star found dead in apparent suicide

SEOUL (AFP) – A South Korean actor and singer who rode the wave of Korean pop culture in Asia was found dead at his home in Seoul Wednesday in an apparent suicide, police said.
Park Yong-Ha, 33, was found in his room by his mother after he apparently hanged himself with an electrical cord, Yonhap news agency said, quoting his brother-in-law, Kim Jae-Hyeong.
"No suicide note was found. Let's pray for him to rest in peace," Kim was quoted as saying.
Park spent his last moments Tuesday night with his father, who is suffering from cancer, Yonhap said.
He reportedly massaged his father for a long while before leaving with the words: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
Park shot to fame through the 2002 hit television drama series "Winter Sonata" and won fans in Japan and other Asian countries. He also released albums as a singer.
He had been chosen for the leading role in a Korean TV drama, a remake of the popular 1996 Hong Kong film "Comrades, Almost a Love Story". Shooting was set to begin in July.
Park was deeply anguished by his father's illness and was also suffering financial difficulties as an entertainment agency he set up in February struggled to make money, Yonhap said.
Park's Japanese site crashed temporarily due to overwhelming traffic, it said, adding he was scheduled to fly to Japan on Thursday as part of an ongoing concert tour with his new album "Stars".
If confirmed, Park would be the latest of a number of South Korean entertainers to kill themselves. They include top movie actress Lee Eun-Joo who committed suicide in 2005 and Choi Jin-Sil who died in 2008.
Suicide is the highest cause of death among those in their 20s and 30s in South Korea, which in 2007 had the highest suicide rate among members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
The health ministry says 23.9 in every 100,000 South Koreans committed suicide in 2007, compared with 19.4 in Japan, 16.7 in Finland, 14.2 in France and 14.0 in Switzerland."

I have always wonder what is it with the koreans that they like to commit suicide so much? What are they thinking right before they made the final decision? In this case, wouldn't leaving the father with cancer and grieving mother do more harm, instead of helping the family members to go through this difficult period? Looking at the names of those committed, it seems u are at high risk if u :
-have korean blood in you
-high profile people eg politicians, celebrities
-done some nose job, facelift, breast augmentation etc (just look at those korean stars)
-possess good looks minus a high EQ probably
So handsome, tall, perhaps talented, yet such a shame... Or perhaps these are the very attributes contributing to suicide? I have no idea since i do not belong to the handsome group. But whatever it is, talk it out and share your grievance or problems with your family and friends. What we thought as dead end might just be an opportunity in another person's eye. No point wallowing in self-pity because happiness are meant to be shared, so do sorrows...


Koala Express said...

hmmm...ermmm... its not graving mother. its grieving mother. its a pity though.

blue said...

@koala: opps...corrected now..

Gratitude said...

repercussion from the chase of perfection perhaps?