Thursday, July 22, 2010


Been pretty busy lately to update anything here. Busy with pigitization..

Pigitization=process of becoming pig

I used to be a light sleeper. I get awaken by the slightest noise when i sleep. I still remember there was once during the uni days, my uni-mates and I were in Genting for weekend fun. The guys were all sleeping in one room. Some of the guys could not resist the urge to checkout and perhaps donate their money to the casino. Me being innocent and naive plus good boy (still is), didnt join them that night. When the guys came back around 3am and knock the door, I was the only one waking up to their call else they would have to sleep outside :P

But things has changed a bit lately. This week alone i had slept from 7am to 6am the next morning on 2 different days! Thats freaking 11 hours gone! The daily driving to and from workplace for 50km per journey must have really taken toll on me.

Good thing is I actually have much better quality sleep nowadays though :)

p.s. Some female colleagues commented my FB pic look cute wor...OMG how did they find out when i didnt add them?? Im not syiok sendiri leh... pictures can be deceiving LOL..


Koala Express said...

50km? Walau... In the long run, its stressful. Your car will wear and tear fast. Now its affecting your beauty sleep. It really not worth it.

btw, the pig is so darn cute. :P

shane said...

ya the pig is so so so cute! u shud put ur pic while sleeping instead lol..

blue said...

@koala; thanks koalabear. I shall put into consideration your points :)

@shane: yalo i bet i look even more cute than the piglet when i sleep! Why u wanna see kah? Get your pillow next to mine then u can see the whole night! wakaka...

[SK] said...

7am to 6am or did you mean 7pm to 6am?? haha.. i guess sometimes we do sleep more because of being too lethargic?? it's ok lah, i guess it's temporary~~ :)

blue said...

@SK: oops...should be 7pm. Guess im was still drowsy while writing :P
Yeah its temporary but don't know how long is it...just hang on loh..