Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farewell to Far Away Land

And so the day to bid farewell to this Far Away Land has come. How far u asked? Well, not as far as SimonLover's Far-far Away Land but let the pictures tell u.

Don't you wish your LDP is like my LDP? 

Road leading to Far-away Land is surrounded by all things green and leafy. Traversing mountains after mountains.

The tiny town which still look very much 1980s smacked right in the middle of jungle.

Thanks for my staffs for all your kindness and cooperation all these time. Thank you for your homecooked nasi pulut durian and chicken rice...I shall miss the good things and leave aside the not-so-good things ever happened here. 

Nasi Pulut Durian with santan - a malay kampong dish as authentic as u can get.

And for your sponsored durian feast.

So bye-bye Faraway Land and hello Stud Land! oopss..i mean Student Land! I look forward to more enticing life experience there!

I actually started this blog right after i came to Faraway Land. Now that im leaving this place, is it a good time to draw curtain for this blog as well?

Have a great weekend ahead ya :)


Koala Express said...

wah u go back study ah. in kl? :P

y close the blog? kenot! u can write when u want as long as u dont close it. u want follow koala style ah. hehe...

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww... time flies, now is time to say goodbye to farfarland! wish u all the best in the new place :)

blue said...

@koala: im not that hardworking la. Just somewhere with abundance of students :)

@happy: thanks :) hopefully its even better in Stud-land :P

Leon Koh said...

is that durian with normal rice or glutinous rice?

Leon Koh
Your reader from SingaBore
my blog :

blue said...

its glutinous rice albeit abit plain tasting, leon. U tried before?