Tuesday, June 29, 2010


 just thought this short video is too sweet and meaningful to be kept in the dark. Enjoy!

Have I told u how amazing u have been to live on until today? : )

Just like this amazing double circular rainbows spotted above Ipoh Railway Station..

Quality not so good cos taken with my mobile. Seen anything like this?

Shot no 2

Halo of rainbow surrounding the sun in broad daylight.

Did i say ur AMAZING to encounter this blog? :P


Gratitude said...

I know I'm amazing, can't say the same about this blog though :P lolz

p/s ok la ok la...you're amazing too, in your own zany way. ;)

Koala Express said...

yala ur amazing. lucky i ate aledi. haha... i did saw more than 5 rainbows n also 2 rainbows b4.

blue said...

@anton: cant believe ur so amazingly kiamsiap with giving compliments. It doesnt hurt ur pocket, u know?

@koala: u must be amazingly lucky guy to see so much rainbows. Why wanna vomit wor? Already told u not to deepthroat so much de la..

the happy go lucky one said...

such a sweetguy he is, so good in sweet talking kekeee...
and wat an awesome scene u have, its very seldom we get come across this rare double rainbow :)


wow, can i say spectacular? :P

blue said...

@happy: we could learn a thing or two from him definitely lol..double rainbow is not that rare but my first encounter with a fully circular one (whole circle in the sky and not touching the ground) :P

@L²: of course! U can even label yourself as extraordinary! haha..