Friday, May 29, 2009

7th heaven now has a new

I started this blog as my personal diary in Jan 2009. Initially i was just penning down all my thoughts in here to vent my happiness, anger, frustrations. But lately i came across an interesting blog, which give people tips about making money online through your blogs. John Chow proclaimed himself as a dot com mogul and he even released a free ebook about how to make money online. U can visit his website from my blog lists on the side.

Out of boredom, i actually downloaded his ebook and read it. With no prior background of html knowledge and being a newbie in blogsphere, its understandable that i could not understand fully his concepts and ideas. If u have been following my blog for the past couple of months, u probably would have noticed that there is some subtle changes i have made lately, such as adding on the RSS reader, widgets, ads etc. I did not really think i can make big money like John Chow does, but i thought what the heck, since im writing blog anyway, might as well make it nicer and more professional looking..

So...7th heaven is now officially has its own custom domain name :) so if u have bookmarked this site before kindly update the address. Thanks! And if u like my posts, u might wanna consider subscribe to the RSS reader to keep updated with the posts. While checking up my nuffnang account, it seems i made a headstart in internet marketing!! what a surprise.....

Here is the sniplet of my account:

So as u see i actually earned RM0.75 this month! Its horribly peanut amount compare to tens of thousands of John Chow made in a month, but it was a pleasant surprise nevertheless. Hmm...still have to wait till RM50 only i can check out the money. Hope doesn't have to wait till the day i die if ur free and dun mind to donate some pennies to me, then do click on some of the ads here, ok?

Btw, anyone has success story in making money online via blogging? Mind to share your experience and teach me a thing or two, ya? I would appreciate it.


saltvinegar said...

okies will support ur ads.. i have nuffnang on my blog and so far i have made..sing $3.20.. sad.. compared to xiaxue's $10,000

bluesoule said...

hi saltvinegar...

tats not bad d. I even worst ok?

cannot compare to xiaxue la. Im not a women oso. But more make up, take sexy photo and post on your blog might be useful ge. Sex sells ma :P