Friday, May 8, 2009

Dinner time again

As i am writting now, its 7.15pm on a Friday evening. Wondering what to have for dinner again...well, as u know, living in a small tiny little place has its pros and cons.

And food choices is the one of the cons. Choice is limited to say the least. Here its either chinese or malay food. Chinese its either mixed rice or chinese cooking (煮炒). Malay food is again..nasi goreng and more goreng. (fried rice)...There is no fancy restaurant, no fast food chain, no nothing.

Really getting bored already. Somemore always eating out has done explicit damage to my waist line and weight...hmm...too bad i cant help it cos i cant cook. Somemore there is no place for me to cook anyway.

Scientifically speaking it does'nt really matter what u eat because matter how delicious or wonderful the meal u just had, its just going to come out as a pile of Of course some people may argue : "then why dont u just eat shit then?" lol..

The answer is simply: Its disgusting! lolz

Now what should i eat later......?


Min said...

Wei, you are there few months already, still haven't adjusted to the life style there? I think the food there is not a problem, maybe it's your 心态 lo...good luck my friend :)

bluesoule said...

maybe so...eating with friends and eating alone is two very different thing i guess