Thursday, May 14, 2009

Childhood memories

It’s 3.15am on a Thursday morning. Was waken up by my brilliant MA (medical assistant)’s call asking me to confirm some ECG findings. Drag myself forcefully out of the bed and finally settled the case. But after coming back my eyes cannot close anymore. Because im having heartburn again (gastritis), courtesy of being used as cheap local labour by our caring government last time during housemanship, I guess.
Should have taken some MMT tablets just now, d@mn!

My mind is cycling through a lot of things again, as usual. Not sure why, but whenever I get insomnia, my mind will be hyperactive when it least should be. Haiz… Suddenly my childhood memories keep coming back to me. Its all coming back to me now…just like the Celion Dion’s song lolz

My childhood memories are rather patchy, to say the least. Some things that I still remember are here. This would be a good reference in later part of my life if I ever develop Alzheimer’s disease, I guess ☺

- I come from poor family background. Father went overseas to work so practically my growing up years spent without him around.

- My family, my uncle’s family and grandmother all stay under one roof in a single storey terrace house in Ipoh. Suffice to say with so many people around, conflicts are unavoidable.

- My mom used to bathe me and sis using rainwater in order to save on water bills. Yes we were really not very well off.

- My cousin was very close to us. I treated him like my own brother. But after his family moved out subsequently, we rarely keep in touch anymore. I wish he never go away.. Now the feeling just isn’t the same anymore..

- I like to bully my sis. Eg when playing “millionaire” board game, I would always cheat until she goes bankcrupt each time. Lol

- Family is not very well off so no money to hire tuition teacher. Mom is our tuition teacher. At least up to the level she was capable of, until standard 1 or 2 if im not mistaken.

- Mom is super strict when we were little. Always have to show her exam results. No good then its “piak piak piak”. Yes caning is legal mean of domesticating your kids in this part of Asia. Which might explain how I get good results all the way to STPM level. Sad to say after that its spiraling downhill….and nope I wasn’t involved in any vices.

- Parents were working as peddler hawker when we were in kindergarten. My neighbour, a lady sometimes would fetch me back from nearby kindergarten. Otherwise my mom would fetch me via bicycle. The lady passed away last year after succumbed to advanced stage of breast cancer..

- Once when I was 5 or 6 years old, cant find my mom except some RM5 or 10 notes on the floor. I cried and cried inconsolably because I thought she had abandoned us with that money. (later found out that she was chatting with neighbour outside the house….i was just a toddler, what do u expect?)

- My maternal grandfather used to bring me to those shops to window shopping or something. Cant really remember how he looks like cos passed away very early. Paternal side never seen cos also passed away before I was born. Haiz…men really have shorter lifespan compare to women. But then nowadays, having longer life expectancy is not necessary a good thing. It could very well be a sin in disguise!

- During my first week of primary school days, I encountered some bully at my school after school finished. I was looking for my school bus not realizing that these jerks were there. Cant really remember what happened though since so long ago. Then luckily I was rescued by 3 pretty secondary school girls with big boobs! They chased the bullys away and coincidentally we are riding the same bus! Haha…They kinda looked like S.H.E lolz..

S.H.E taiwanese all girls group

- Whenever I don’t bring bento to school, during recess time I would usually just skip meal or buy half a sausage or ham as lunch. I did have enough money for a proper lunch but I just didn’t want to spend all. I know money doesn’t fall from sky and there is no free lunch in this world.

- After school finished or during school special occasions, there would be canteen workers selling fancy food and drinks or toys to the students. I never bought any during my 6 years of primary education. I did feel envious of my other friends who can afford it but I know my limits ☺ From this I know the importance of having money.

- I grew up without much toys to play around. Instead I share with my lovely cousin- his gameboy, lego sets etc. And I would always like to build airplanes and rockets and stuff. I guess I should have ventured into engineering or something instead of this lol. And of course my cousin’s mother wasn’t very welcoming but I didn’t really care. I just know I had a lot of fun with my cousin and sister.

I guess it’s this background that makes the concept of HAVE and HAVE-NOT deep ingrained in me since I was small. So please be more forgiving if u find me a little bit materialistic or stingy LOL…

Hmm…that’s all I can remember now. Will update more if I still can evacuate some from my brain. Have a nice day ☺


Min said...

Wei, now I only know more about you, hehe...but really admire you, have such a good memory, I really couldn't recall much about my childhood, but what I knew is I had a really good one :)

bluesoule said...

min: well..just bits and pieces here and there. cant really remember much since its already 20 over years. haha. cant believe im this old oledi.

JGuy said...

This is really getting me into recollecting my old days memories as well. Despite it being an old post, i like reading this, thanks for sharing nonetheless :-)

blue said...

@JGuy: And thank YOU for reminding me i still have a blog somewhere in the realm of digital content, haha! Just getting too lazy to write anything nowadays. Lets look forward to a better future while keeping the sweet memories behind.