Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cute auntie and lala uncle cute i don't mean they actually look like this.

Here where I am working currently, there are bunch and bunch of elderly population (small town like this what to expect huh), the young ones all already flocked to bigger cities for work and study. These aunties and uncles sometimes can be intimidating, eccentric and funny at the same time. Don’t believe me? Look at the following conversation:

Scenario 1: I want this, this and that mentality

Her: eh doc, give me the kk yuen ah (paracetamol tablets), and then also the cream for itchiness one, then what else har..? I also want the running nose pill, the gastric medicine har…dun forget har doc….

Me: which part of u is itchy then? Why need so much medicine ge?

Her: Aiyor…ma there loh….u know….(pointing to her groin creases). I can keep these medicine for later use ma. Buy from pharmacy expensive, u know??

Me: Why itchy there ge? Auntie got bath properly or not? (just kidding) Should keep there clean and dry at all time one. Auntie u want so much medicine, might as well move the pharmacy counter back to your house la…

Her: can ar….? (with an evilish grin on your face)

-Help….! I feel like pengsan (fainting) oledi….

Scenario 2: U don’t look like a doc…!

The old lady come into the consultation room, sat down and then exclaim:

Her: haiyor…u are the doc kah? Just now saw u walked out of this room. I thought u are a student visiting the doc le….

Me: Huh? Why u say so?

Her: U look so young ge …. Like “sai lou kor” (children face). Didn’t know ur the doc lor…

Me: auntie, u sure or not? U got bring specs out today or not…?

-I may look younger than my actual age but im NOT that young, ok? Imagine university study already claimed 5 years of my precious time, then now worked for 2 years….how can I be still young?? I was flattered though, hehe……

Scenario 3: Blame me for your high pressure??

Me: Makcik, your blood pressure is very high today. What happened? Have u been compliant with your medicines lately?

Her: Aiyor...i also dunno lah...see handsome doc already makes my heart beats so fast, then sure BP high lah...

Me: .......(speechless)

-Haiz...please don't blame my look for your uncontrolled BP, ok? Its not a sin to be born with a handsome face...somemore im not handsome, ok??

Scenario 4: Trying to bribe me!

A Lala-looking uncle knocked on my door and barged in my room but its not his turn yet. So I ask him:

Me: uncle, what is it? Can I help u?
Him: err…doc, I got an appointment later in Ipoh la. Can see me first ka? I just wanna continue my medicines only lah…bery fast one…

After looking at his old notes, thought nevermind la let him la for this time…thinking he might really have some important appointment…Then finish the session….

Him: Thanks a lot….next time I bring papaya for u ya….the current batch of papaya is not so good. Next time la…next time can see me first also ka?

Me: Its ok, uncle. U don’t have to…I wont let u cut queue again unless u really got a valid reason.

Him: hahaha…ok la. See u..bye

-OMG…what is this Lala uncle thinking?? Trying to bribe me? And somemore trying to bribe me with papaya? Papaya?? PAPAYA????? Do I look so cheap??????

I really wanna pengsan already…..
If u wanna bribe me also, get something better, ok? Then I MIGHT consider it…hehe. (Just kidding only, ok?)


3quarks said...

oh wow ur a doctor too?.. seems like i've already come across a few blogs by docs and soon to be doctors here:)

bluesoule said...

3quarks: that so? then i bet they don't make fun of their clients like i do...LOL. anyway, these are true stories for sharing some light moments with u guys only. No pun intended :)

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

wah ur a clinical doc. where where? :P u got baby face! hahaha... now where's my HBP pills... :P

bluesoule said...


if u read my previous posts then u will know where lo :P

i don't have baby face, getting old everyday...

u sure u need HBP pill? perhaps viagra will do u better? LOL

Binn said...

another doctor???? serious ar... can I meet you up in person and talk about life as one??? im currently stuck in the line of being what I want and what I am ABLE to be~~

PAPAYA???? haha durian better lar hor~~

nyak nyak~~

bluesoule said...


what u mean another???

Min said...

Hey, I think it's fun also working thre right? I think the people there are more friendly and warm compared with big cities...

bluesoule said...


well thats true like u said, they are definitely friendly species than their conunterparts living in concrete jungle. Different niche produce different kind of people i guess.

suituapui said...

If you come and work in the rural areas of Sarawak, that's what you'll do all the time - prescribe KK (pracetamol) pills and treat the natives for scabies... Not much experience to gain unless you get posted to the bigger main towns.

bluesoule said...


yup i do agree with u on that. However, it doesn't mean that its less important if ur working in rural sarawak cos who is going to look after the malnourish children and stuff then?

Binn said...

coz i met plenty of docs on blogs ledi~~~

bluesoule said...

oic. if u need to talk about your problem can email me to my add. cant guarantee can solve your problem though :)