Tuesday, June 15, 2010

insensitive me? im money freak?

Normally after a  trip together with your friends, how would u settle the accomodation/petrol/tolls etc expenses? I think the usual methods would be either divide equally or someone pay for something eg. food/petrol/toll. Correct me if im wrong. Unless ur my other half, then okla i dont mind probably :P

Apparently this friend felt weird when i asked her for then above expenditures. All the while she thought no need to pay since i never said anything before that wor.

Somemore SMSes i received:

"I guess to you friends are friends. Money is a different story altogether"

"U can get a gazillion dollars in a life time but u can never buy love, sincerity and happiness"

"U berkira alot lor...sometimes money isnt all that matters.....u dont bother what i think also lor..."

"I dont know what to say sometimes. Maybe i expected more from u"

"One thing U must know is sometimes u must be open and have a reachable heart and learn to accept what others say also"

"U always so defensive..waiting to pounce back..so u want me to accept that u are a money freak?

"U are always running away.. Not everything u can forget about it cos the problem will always be there. So u want me to accept u as a money freak is that what ur saying?"

Seriously, I think girls are probably the most complicated thing ever exists in this universe. U think i would give a damn about the little pennies? Isn't that how people usually settle the expenses? How did this become so complicated? Im just a simple guy with a simple mind. No point preaching to me with your ungodly life philosophies. Because I simply cannot understand nor do i give a shit about it. Any wonder why i always run away from girls? They are ****ing troublesome! Well, most of them anyway...

Ok im done ranting.


Gratitude said...

Wow, she certainly had pent-up scores to settle with you LOLZ

Money often sours relationships. There's just too many peeps out there who wanna get a free ride. I've learnt that being upfront at the very beginning and establishing a pattern to let them know how we operate is the best way to deal with these people. I dun mind buying once a while, but not ALL the time lo.

Poor Bluey! Blame it on her PMS! lolz

blue said...

@anton: She is not the kiam-siap kinda person. It seems the reason could be deeper. I hope im wrong..