Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brotherly Love

One afternoon my colleague and I was walking back to the office from lunch under the scorching sun. No choice-lah, i wanna burn off the excess calories from the meals mah otherwise my sparetyre will get bigger and bigger! So my poor colleague also have to suffer with me together. Luckily she got umbrella :P   (Please dont blame me for the sun-tan eh?)

Anyway, there was a motorcycle cruising past beside us heading towards a nearby school. A lad was riding the bike while a young schoolboy was sitting behind. Fair skin, tad skinny, with a mischievous smile, I could recognize the little boy is the son of a nearby kopitiam tauke. The lad looks like his brother, around 18-20 years old.


The little boy was enveloping his brother's waist with his skinny arms. Legs dangling away from the seat. His head was resting firmly on the brother's back, facing our direction. We heard the elder brother saying "你可不可以不要抓得這麼緊啊??" (Could U not grab me so tightly?  The boy didnt say anything. He just smile from ear to ear with his devilish grin. The bike zoomed off leaving a dust of smoke. It was such a kawaii (cute) scene! My colleague and I laughed from the bottom of our heart. Too bad it happened in an instant and I didnt have time to capture on photo.

The lad probably doesn't know that in few years time, his little brother is gonna grow and this priceless moment might never happen again. How nice if i have a brother... elder bro who cares for me, younger bro whom i could pick on. hehe...

If only...


Gratitude said...

Hey, you didn't tell about your experiences, or are you the only darling son at home?

My brothers and I bonded only when we practised our Jacky Chan kungfu. I enjoyed the time I kicked his groin. bwahahaha

blue said...

@anton: what do u think? I thought the answer was obvious d. haha..

Kick your bro's groin? Thats a bad idea cos what if he got testicular injuries? If he cannot reproduce then the responsibility of carrying your family name will rest squarely on your shoulder LOL

the happy go lucky one said...

oh well... u r not the only one without a brother. yeah those moments can b precious and priceless :)

blue said...

@Happy: Ur the only son in the family? Hmm...

Takashi said...

I have a biological younger brother, but I tell you, it's not as beautiful as I imagined it to be..

I remembered I was 4 when my mom was carrying him, and she asked if I would liked a brother or sister.. Without thinking twice, I said brother, and until today, I still believe when I said brother, I mean brother.

Fast forward 23 years later, I hardly ever see him, much less talk.. I only like see him a few days max in a year, and spoke less than a few lines a year..

I have imagined having a brother means like having a best friend that you fight because you love one another..

I don't know, maybe we all grew up.. and since we fought all the time when young, it didnt really bring us closer, but I guess it brought us apart..

I used to give him hundreds of singapore dollars everytime I come back from singapore last time, in hope that i can do my part as an older brother to give him some pocket money to spend.. I did that part well..

I guess, Im not such a bad older brother after all..

PS: Thats one of the reasons why I treat my didis better and nicer than just friends.. my didis enjoy a "higher" status.. whahahah.. can anyone attest to that?

blue said...

@takashi: thanks for sharing your side of story here. U know..when i was little, my parents also asked me whether sis and I wanted another sibling..and straightaway i said no..maybe it was siblings rivalry haha..Back to you, is there any reason u and ur bro seldom talk, eg he is working faraway etc? I used to bully my sis alot when we were small (less now) :P and im partly responsible for making her behave like a tomboy haha...cos i have always treated her like a boy rather than a girl, which might not be a bad thing after all cos thats how she become a tough little cookie now :D We dont fight as frequently now and our relationship is generally good. But we tend to talk more on the phone rather than face to face. weird huh?

Its good that u care about ur bro and im sure he knows it too. Besides showing concern in the form of monetary gains, what about some simple SMSs or calls every few days? It might feel a bit awkward initially but it will become natural and well-worth the effort, trust me :D

p.s. Who are these "didis" ur talking about? so complicated leh LOL