Saturday, October 10, 2009

sleep while while sleeping...

This weekend finally back to hometown after 2 weeks of imprisonment in the "jungle". Just wanna slowly enjoy my hard-earned weekend off.

Lately hasn't been sleeping well, wonder why. I was dreaming. But it wasn't a pleasant dream. It wasn't a nightmare either. In the dream, i was actually sitting in my office working! It felt so surreal...its cold because of the aircon, i was scribbling something on a sheet of paper, doing my routines....Then I wake up surprised to find myself still sprawling on the bed. It was still dawn. The sky outside is still in deep blue hue. I thought i had finish my work for the day! Then lazily I have to move my ass to begin "another day" of work!! LOL... Is this not depressing or what?

Im definitely not a workaholic but why is this happening? Is it stress? Is this cue from the higher order that i should take a break from work? After all, its been more than 2 years since i really had a vacation. Last month was the first time I taken one day off for MC after working for 2 straight years... I want my break! :P


Gratitude said...

From experience, I'd dare say that it is really a clear sign of stress. I used to hv this syndrome those younger days when I wuz fighting to move up the corporate ladder. It alwiz sucked when I woke up from "work" to go to work.

You'd have to find a way to break the stress. Yoga and mediation did me wonders! ^_^

Please do take care ya and have a less stressful week ahead.

bluesoul said...

hmm...younger days? How old are u anyway? Hehe..
Yoga? Will it break my bones or not? :P
Im going abroad for a much-deserved short vacation end of this month finally :D