Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Change of heart

If only change of heart or heart transplant is so simple..

Having flu today, making wanton with my nose secretions the whole mood to work :(

p.s. Anyone want some wanton?


TZ said...

yuck! i just have my wanton soup noodles ... :(
Anyway, get well soon eh~

bluesoul said...

well..what to do. I have allergic rhinitis afterall. SOrry for ruining your wanton soup hahaha...if u need free wanton just email me, i fedex to u FOC!

Gratitude said...

You will come into mind whenever I hv wantons, or har gaus, or siew mais, or sui kows from now onwards. :P

p/s do u secrete lots? :P lolz

bluesoul said... i secrete lots? what kinda question is that? LOL...
Well if u wanna know, it depends how frequent i get the urge (to sneeze), if more frequent then the amount will be less la. Sometimes its thick like jelly while other times it watery like slime. Sometimes it come out in spurts (when i sneeze) and other times it just dribbles out slowly....enough details ? wahaha...