Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nobody but you

I love their performance to bits! Awesome ladies! Wondergirls-all girls group from Korea.

Nobody original MV:

Live performance:

This song is so popular there are so many imitators out there.. :D

Rainy  Tuesday here... I wanna nap...LOL


Gratitude said...

Gosh, you actually did a compilation! Loved the song too. I remembered watching the youtube daily for almost a month. hehehe
Did you know they were actually voted tops in a recent US-chart?

bluesoul said...

yup..since today not too busy at work LOL..u actually watch for one whole month? I didnt know about the US chart..The US people can understand what they are singing?? Hahaha..

動 Orson said...

good compilation haaaa

bluesoul said...

thanks for dropping by, orson :) Have a nice weekend ahead!

Medie007 said...

ooo they're a korean band? i thought they're some singaporean parody or something. lols.

their dance is bloody addictive!

bluesoul said...

korean la...their facial features so nice...most likely undergone some plastic touchup here and there LOL. Korea is famous for plastic ma..