Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Nothing much to post today...at least not depressing story again :)

Saw one of my patients in a coffee shop while having lunch today. He is a 50+ year old chinese uncle with previous history of colon cancer. Operated 6 times before due to some complications. Now using a colostomy bag (if u dont know what is it just google it :) We chatted for a while...just everyday minor things nothing serious.

He keep saying its alrite to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day since he is going to die soon anyway. I could not persuade him to quit but hope he will try to at least cut down. I know he doesnt mean what he says cause he still cares about his children.

Then i have to make a run cause have to continue work again. Its almost 2pm already. Then the tauke (coffee shop owner) told me the uncle already paid for my lunch...I was surprised to hear that because i never really did anything for him to deserve it....No free lunch in this world, right?

Apparently not. It left a sweet aftertaste in my heart. Not because its free lunch but because i realize that im not a unlikeable person after all :)


[SK] said...

well most probably just a little treat to show his appreciation on you.. at least you've asked him to cut down smoking.. 3 packs a day is hell a lot man..

bluesoule said...

hmm maybe lo. haha. smoke, drink and gamble is all it takes to take a man down...and sex of cos :P