Friday, April 24, 2009

Tu Lan (Difficult) people

Today met a Tu-Lan patient (hokkien dialect for difficult people) ... Its a she. A pregnant she. She came for a routine follow-up for her precious pregnancy. Did a antenatal scan for her and found that its a breech presentation (means head is up and buttock is down-reverse position).

So told her needed to refer to hospital for further management possibly arrange for elective Caesaerean date. Bear in mind she is ALREADY at late stage of her pregnancy 37 weeks (around 9 months+).

Then she told me she already done a scan in a private specialist centre named A****o and was told everything normal. Shown her the scan and she still doesnt believe. Afternoon she came back for the referral letter to hospital but she still doesnt believe it and wants to see back the private centre to confirm again.

My question is : If u doubt my skill then why u come to see me in the first place le? Because its cheap or FOC in government clinics? Just for fun? Haiz...whatever, u can go and scan hundreds and thousands of time in your other fancy clinics. Just dont come here when u want to deliver :)

Im not mad but breech presentation REALLY should be delivered in a tertiary hospital where Caesaran delivery can be carried out. So there u go...scan all u like. And sayonara!!

As they say in the service sector, customer comes first, though they are not always right ... and they have all the right to choose who and where they wanna go. As long as i know i have done my part :)

update 28/4/09: just got news from my colleague that she delivered vaginally in a tertiary hospital. and yes...its a breech!


[SK] said...

perhaps being a mum who is so anxious about her baby, she just cannot accept the fact, and wanted a second confirmation?? well, you've done your job as a doctor given her advices, it's her call now.. :)

bluesoule said...

sk: yup, i think ur right :) hope she successfully deliver a healthy baby