Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prosperity 2011

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fatt Cai! How has your CNY celebration been? The impulsive gobbling of fatty food? The incessant grilling on topic of relationship by your lovely relatives? Abundance of cash-rich ang-pao? Reunion and gathering among friends and relatives?

I started the new year with bouts of persistent cough, flu and sorethroat, still not fully recovered even now. Yet here i am, munching on bak-kua 3am in the morning, jostled up from sleep by feeling of hunger! Hopeless, i know. As if the starting of the year with sickness isn't bad enough, i was harassed at workplace the week right before my CNY leave, just call it Bad-Romance 爛桃花! The story of Bad Romance is already onto its chapter 4 in my facebook! I hope there would not be any more continuation of this mess!

This year's CNY been a little different from the lasts, for me. First of all, my household usher in the new year with the arrival of new pets! They are a few fishes, tortoises and a nasty little puppy who always like to pee on the floor of my room. Ish! Ironically no rabbits. Then, this year so far there has not been any dreaded relative visits, so far! more answering the same questions year after year after year! Such a relief! 

Today I actually attended a ex-classmates reunion. The special thing about it is that, its a Standard 6 ex-classmate gatherings and I being so low profile, havent been to any such gathering for the longest time i could remember. Some of the familiar faces I actually havent seen them in like .... 16 years? Yet everybody seem to have stay pretty much the same, except one or two who gained some weight :P
Prior to the event i was quite hesitant to go since already lost touch with them for aeons but in the end i guess it was not as bad as i thought. 

Hopefully I could get a sound sleep now after the fatty midnight meal. Its the 4th day of CNY today, but how come I feel like its coming to an end already? The mere thought of going back to work is killing me!

Have a prosperous and bountiful Chinese New Year :)


shane said...

meal at 3am! LOL

SynchingZincInc said...

Happy CNY Bluey!
Fast recovery and well, eat more. A lot of people will be joining in for post-CNY weight-lost programs :D

blue said...

@shane: yes i just commited another sin!

@Helix: Happy CNY to u too! Thats true...does it include you too? haha...

byronmc said...

Hey Hey Mr. Bluey!! Happy Chinese New Year..!!! Sounds like you've had quite a pleasant celebration.. I do not celebrate CNY although I do have like.. 5 percent of Chinese blood.. LOL! Nonetheless I enjoyed the festive atmosphere around me especially in my hometown.. people are firing up fireworks and firecrackers for 3 consecutive nights.. It was like a war!! LOL!!

Omigosh.. you were harassed?? I hope it will stop.. @.@

I am having a dilemma too.. one of the students in my college has been stalking me and sending me SMSes and MMSes.. @.@

Enjoy your week yeah..

Gratitude said...

How not to pig-out when there are countless jars of cookies and bakua on the living room table?! lolz

Wish you heaps of good blessings throughout the bunny year! ^_^

blue said...

@byronmc: Hey its so much easier to navigate ur site d! 5% of chinese blood? So what parentage do u belong to?? Where's ur hometown btw?

haha...u kena stalked and harassed eh...must be a handsome and charismatic teacher then. I guess most of us do have an idol teacher when we were young. Your student admirers' actions are pErfectly understandable. Let us know what else the admirer does ya :P

byronmc said...

No la.. I am not good looking.. I think the student is just being confused and feeling lonely... LOL!!!!!! Ohhh.. and yeah... she has just sent another text right before I started my lecture this morning.. @.@

I am from Sabah.. and I am a Kadazan Dusun guy.. but.. some of my ancestors were from China.. they came to North Borneo and they settled down with the locals.. HAHAHA...

Hey.. you can add me on MSN if you'd like to.. =p

Chris said...

好久没留言了, 还好吗?

blue said...