Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bad romance 爛桃花

The highlight of this year's CNY for me is none other than being harassed by a psycho lady at workplace on almost daily basis. In fact from my post on FB about she and her antics, I think i can almost write a script already!

(below are excerpts from FB post)

Jan 24

middle-aged psy lady who is sexily clad ask me to treat her lunch...of which i reply im fasting. Then shortly after ram into my room again asking for dinner and out my room multiple times...OMG!!! I wonder what is going thru her mind and I definitely dun need this type of 爛桃花 for CNY!!!

Jan 25

psy woman comes back again with a vengeance! Throw me a bag of chinese herbs for bou leong char??? Despite i refusing by saying i dun drink herbal drinks and even if i do, my wife will prepare for me, she still insist to pass the package to me!

Today wearing a thin cooling shirt with white lace and BRA-less!! Still waiting outside at lunch hour!! CIS!!!

(The wife part is a lie to drive her off...obviously it didnt work from what happened after that)

Jan 26

she's here again...62yo psy lady..."accidentally" threw away one of her document, asking to get another copy...dressed like a secretary today. Just when i thought she would behave herself abit, suddenly she says:

"I just bought your car plate number!"

"Thats not my car"

"It doesn't matter" (smiling sheepishly)


Feb 1

"can u treat me ice-cream today?"

"sorry working" *sweat*

psy auntie gone out a while but the relief was short lived. She came back shortly, asking the same question again. Of which i try to dodge by immediately calling the next client in. Pheww!

*double sweat*

Cant help but notice her cyan green blouse and flowery pink skirt. I believe the 'putik putik papaya' which are so obvious on her cyan shirt would be eye candies for the uncles outside. But pluueasee don't pollute my eyes right before CNY lar...i need to cuci mata with daun limau oledi!!

*triple sweat*

Feb 16
Really gotta be impressed by the psy auntie tactics. Today barged into my room asking me to read a letter. Apparently her house tax or something. "ngo kuai chi meh..ask your neighbour lah!" Luckily not love letter! Then hand in a 100 USD note asking for change! "halo auntie ngo hou kong geh..mou chin geh..! Please go to the bank to exchange your money"

Too bad she seem unable to understand plain cantonese and keep asking to change for her! And the best part is she do all these while leaving the shirt buttons on her breast valley open! Damn gerli!! Sei bin tai poh!! Hooi sei Lah!!

She is really becoming a nuisance nowadays, and always seems to target me! Cis!! But the bad thing is she is still considered harmless for us to have solid reason to send her off to Hospital Bahagia! Really dunno what to do with her already...haih!


Gratitude said...

OMGawd, you're such a hottie! lolz

Please be careful, else you may find her at your porch one night demanding to enter your house for some fine action ;) lolz

blue said...

@anton: Cis! You think too much! If she do comes, I will let my dog 'service' her LOL...btw ur up very early hor? :D

Medie007 said...

sounds like a bipolar case. maybe a psych referrence? :P

3quarks said...

u have a persistent 62yo-auntie admirer!
she could be singing now
"I don't want anybody else
When I think about you
I touch myself
I don't want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no"
kinky haha

blue said...

@medie: not bipolar la..she was never depressed pun! haha...

@3quarks: yerr so disgusting lor...old women touching herself...u can save it for your own private viewing ..or with your buddy :P

byronmc said...

Omygosh..!! thata auntie is really scary.. I am so glad my stalker has stopped stalking me.. woohoo.. haha..

blue said...

@byron: she did something scary again today! Im considering whether to go ahead with making police report...hmm...

Davison said...

And i am here listening to Gaga' Guess you're gonna still use the song for someone someday :) Till then just stay afloat hehe

blue said...

@Davison: Hi ur from California? its you..the one from Mountain View...similar to my place here...mountains every where..haha. Yup I have decided what to do with "her" already.

Medie007 said...

but but... how u know she never had any depression in the past? :P like looooong looooong time ago...

i still think is bipolar. :P