Saturday, March 6, 2010

A place to call home

We are like the harbours
resting ourselves by the seaside
welcoming ships of all walks of life into our little sanctuary
for them to take a rest
replenish energy to go on with their separate journey
 ships...they come and they go
never knowing if they would return to us one day
all the harbour could do
is shining its ever blinding light
wait for the day THE ship would come
and calls it his home for eternity

We are like the ships
ferry, yachts, boats and sampans,
sailing in this vast ocean
brace ourselves against the angry tides and waves
sometimes we are hit by giant tsunami
that brings us down 
sometimes pirates ship comes out of the blue
robs us of our money and gold
strips us of our dignity
but somewhere along the way a lifeboat appears and lift us up

Some of us are drifters
letting the waves bring us to fresh continents
continent to continent we go
into the unknown territory
unaware of danger lurking all around

Some of us are seekers
ready with navigator
setting eyes on treasure islands
island after island we go
seeking the elusive treasures

But in the end
what we been looking for all along
is just a harbour to dock, for LIFE
a place to call HOME

BLUEY. 2010. 

This Afro hair is not me...


the happy go lucky one said...

thats very well writen, me likey!
and when i read the part where the pirates come out of BLUE, i was like scratching head hahaaa... thanks for sharing kekekeee

Gratitude said...

In the end, hoem is where the heart is! ^_^

Muhammad Afif said...

very well said. love it.

Medie007 said...

too bad... but i don't know how to appreciate poems... but then again, afro hair piccie is cute!

blue said...

@happy: virgin poem mah.. of cos not as refined as the professionals haha..

@anton: i wanna go home now...dun wanna stuck working here anymore...sob..sob..

@afif: thanks. Glad u like it :P

@medie: u might wanna consider changing to afro hair too LOL

发白日梦^^ said...

no matter how, i know im a ship juz flow in middle of sea...don't know where i should stop in 1 day...mayb home is my saving grace of all time but i have to learn independent...

blue said...

@发白日梦: thanks for dropping by! By hook or by crook, everyone in this world WILL have to learn to be independent at some point of our just as puzzled as u about future directions but just be happy with where we are now, while planning our next step in life :)


maybe a better dork?

blue said...

@L: "dork" means a socially inept person or it could mean vulgar slang for "penis"...better "dork"?? Or do u mean DOCK? LOL...