Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sizzling hot

These few days the weather back home has been freakishly sizzling hot! I have no choice but to hide in my aircon room. The outside temperature was enough to boil eggs i think.. This month electricity bill gonna shoot through the roof :P

Yesterday got friends came visiting from Penang. Being a horrible tour guide that i am with a poor sense of direction, i tried bringing them around town for cari makan (salvaging for food) and to the limestone caves..

The amount of cars and people plying the streets big and small was multiplied by factor by at least 3 in Ipoh. I have always avoided those touristy places and famous food outlets but this time no choice already la...Gotta brave the traffic jam and horrendous sun. In the end it was more like bringing them round town "long kai" because everywhere we go the eateries were packed to the brim. After finding a carpark still have to wrestle for seats to have meal somemore! Aduh!!!

Yee Fatt curry mee shop was still not opened yet. Then went to dimsum place, the famous Fu Shan restaurant with couple of other dimsum shops around. Boy was it a harrowing experience! The crowd was tussling to get into the restaurant! As if everyone is begging for food and the food are free! Giving up, we went up to Greentown area. Great...all shops were closed for CNY.  Tim Shun Long kopitiam was again packed...Sun Yoon Loong kopitiam famous for the white coffee was closed somemore. Didnt dare to venture into the old town area cos its extremely difficult to find parking there. In the end we settle for a dimsum restaurant in Ipoh Garden....haih... Cari makan during Chinese New Year is such a headache!

Foh San restaurant (downloaded pic from the net). The crowd that day was several times more than in this picture.

After filling up the stomach, brought them to the Tongs (caves) in Ipoh. Certainly not my cup of tea...the burning josstick...the traffic jam...the crowd...and the HOT  weather didnt help one bit. Didnt take much pictures cos didnt bring my cam anyway.

One of the famous limestone caves...Sam Poh Tong.

CNY has been a pretty standard boring affair this year with no where to go. Just makan (not alot also), watch movies (booked 3 this week alone), online and sleep. Not to mention Ang Pao got alot less as the year goes... well at least got a break from work :)

Happy working to those of you who are  back to work!


Takashi said...

I ban foh san alreayd. went there last saturday and not only the service sucks, the food sucks as well.. and the pricing sucks as well!!

and yes, the moment i reach back home to kl, i feel so much better.... ipoh is just god damn place....

the happy go lucky one said...

yeah all these places are packed during public holidays when everyone leaves the town and balik 'kampung' we were lucky, coz my aunt actually sent my cousin out to hunt for the restaurant and make the booking before we got to enjoy the famous asam fish head :P
happy holiday to u :)

blue said...

@takashi: haha...what do u expect during CNY rush in the kitchen? But i myself seldom eat at Foh San also cos i think its overhyped and always crowded..Its all about brandname these days...Ming Kok restaurant opposite Foh San might be a better alternative..too bad its closed when i was there.

@Happy: A lot of nice Ipoh eateries are run-of-the-mill kopitiam with no booking system unfortunately. U come, U find (a seat) and U sit...LOL

Medie007 said...

taknakkkk... taknakkk taknakk kerja.... :(

but then everyday watch tv, eat, sleep and online, kinda boring too. summore the cny movies stop shoowing on 3rd days of cny. cheh.

blue said...

@medie: haha...i thought ur still a student? But i guess being a medical student is worse than working because ur working without getting paid a single cent LOL

Anonymous said...

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