Sunday, January 10, 2010

The year it was..

Its 1.30am in the morning and why am I sitting in front of my laptop? Im having insomnia...again for the 3rd time this week. Why is this happening to me? What is wrong with me? Premature andropause?

Flashes of last year's events running through my head. Non-stop. Thought might as pen it down. Didnt really thought of writing this entry actually...Instead of putting it in a chronological fashion like most people do, i guess better to view it analytically. Yeah im good in anal-lysis. My brain is telling me my stomach is hungry, better go get something to eat...

The Good

1. Posted to this ulu place for work. Nope, i dont mean i love working here. But somehow i think I grow up a little from this misadventure. Get to know the community healthcare better. Little excursion into the aborigines villages. Best of all? It forced me to re-examine my priorities in life. I never done that before. Everyday was work and sleep like a robot. Now i dont feel like a little boat without oars, or like a donkey with carrot dangling in front. At least less of it...A little clearer on my future goal, i guess. Definitely the best thing ever occur to me in 2009.

2. Got into the hype of blogging. Yup this is where it all started. 1 year ago. Happy One year aniversary. I actually started this out of boredom. To be able to continue writing until this day is a miracle, something beyond my imagination. I even got myself a few fellow bloggers and friends who come visit on a regular basis. U know who u are :) Though never meet any of you, its all well and good. Thanks, thanks and more thanks! Btw, how do u guys find my writings? Oh, FYI, i only made RM4.95 from Nuffnang so far. No hope of getting that very first check. But its alright. I already got more than i bargained for :)

3. Become a little more decisive, i think. My stint here has trained me well.

4. I read more. Especially on financial literacy and personal development. Though its not easy since im not from business background and i have a lousy brain.

5. Get to go HK. Too bad couldnt go more places due to lack of time/arrangement/company.

6. More comfortable with myself. No elaboration. Go figure.

7. Relationship started. Ended. Fullstop. Still considered a good thing, i guess..

The Bad

1. Still a sociophobic. Mangling with the crowd is not my cup of tea. Yeah im a caveman. Working on it.

2. Burnt my fingers in mutual fund. Luckily not alot. I dont have deep pocket to begin with, anyway. I dont think mutual is a good investment vehicle. Even Robert Kiyosaki agree on that, u know?

3. Parents getting old and still working. Nothing wrong with working but wish they can retire and do what they like to do. Of course to make it happen i need $$$. Lots of it. Side job as gigolo, perhaps? But im not even sure if im eligible.

4. More frequent episodes of insomnia. I cant explain why. Tell me why...tell me why

5. Had 1 or 2 mishaps in my work. Luckily didnt end up in court or something. Dont wanna talk about it.

6. Working away from hospital also makes my skills especially in procedures karat already. It was just one year+ ago that i was doing pleural tapping, peritoneal dialysis, lumbar punctures alone at the middle of the night during oncalls. I shall not miss these adventures and oncalls haha...

7. Friendship and relationship that never came to light. Bouts of depression for me and perhaps them...hurt some people on the way. Im sorry...and i hope u and u all the best in your future undertakings.

The Ugly

1. I feel the world is coming to an end. Earthquakes, tsunami, tornados, twisters, flash floods.....Maybe not in 2012 but within my lifetime and perhaps yours? Oh, do come and share your final thoughts here when the earth says BYE BYE to us. This is 7th heaven :) Put your confessions here and hopefully u can descend to this arbitrary Heaven! And make sure its spicy ones eg. scandals/frauds/hidden sons and daughters/sexpeditions etc. At least I know I have done better and lived better than u in my limited lifespan. Of course for increasing readership as well :P

2. Bolehland politics. Something I will never comprehend. BUT if u wanna be somebody and be rich fast and that is ALL that matters to u, then yeah...go ahead. No objection, your honour.

3. Im still as ugly? LOL

Wow...really quite some time i never rant like this. Something is definitely wrong with me. I need a fix! Perhaps trip to the land of transvestites and pretty boys tomorrow will fix me up good. So how was 2009 for u? Good? Bad? If good carry on. If no good, i sincerely wish u learnt something out of it and emerge a winner this year :-)


Medie007 said...

posted to ulu places!? awesome u survived! hahahha i'm wondering where should i apply to to avoid those kinda postings. eeeeeeks!!!! i deter deter and deterrrrr kampung lives. i loveeeee the big city. wakakakkakaka...

ooh... bolehland politics? i shake my head just like after i had ecstacy. not vertically, but horizontally. it's fun, should try sometime. :D

ooooh, and yeah i thought it's going to be the end of the world soon too. that's why i'm cutting myself lotsa slack now. why bother study so much and work so hard if i'm going to die anyways? not like i could gather 1billion for the ship too. lols.

keep on blogging doc! :D

blue said...

@medie: yeah i wanted to avoid this posting too but in the end just go with the flow. Different environment makes u grow in different directions, i guess...

still ecstacy? I thought its "ice" age now...LOL

if u allow me to put it in a more extreme fashion, why bothered to be born when we are all destined to die? The ship? What r u talking about? When the end comes near, money is worthless. So no need to collect the 1 million even :P

Gratitude said...

Well, I learn from the bad experiences, mostly after making the same mistakes countless times! lolz

You've got me recapping the events of 09 now too. :P I'm gonna hv insomnia tonite.

shane said...

eits, sit infront of laptop at 1.30am can consider as imsonia ady? it means i ady have imsonia lol..

u shud rant more so u will feel better! tho maybe u dun have anytg to rant about hehe..gud luck in this 2010 then! :)

the happy go lucky one said...

what ecstasy and ice... not that im against them, but this is public post le :P
sounds like u r kinda enjoying the life there :) they need more docs like u :)
wowww u managed to make money? i didn know abt this, but guess wont bother abt it coz my blog traffic is not busy at all :)
wish u have a wonderful 2010 ahead :)

Chris said...

happy 2010 2 u ya.. All the best,.

blue said...

@ant:yeah will learn from your mistakes once i reach home from bangkok:)

blue said...

@shane: well surprisingly i sleep like a pig here in bangkok. must b too exhausted from all the walk i guess haha..

@happy: blog traffic is very little only compare to the pros .. averaging 200+ new visitors per week. But u kind of bring satisfaction to know that there are people out there reading my silly rants :)

@chris: such an honour to get your visit here! For a blogger of your calibre...hopefully this year there is no plane hijack incident...even if there is, im sure ur fully prepared for it. Right? haha...

conan_cat said...

sounds like you had one hell of a year, alright! well i think somehow it's a good thing that we go through so many stuffs, we as humans mature and grow after all!

what's to living when you don't experience and feel? all of us have different adventures in life, most importantly, just enjoy it! :D

and ouch more insomnia cases! :( that's bad! seek a doctor perhaps? too many of those aint good at all D:

blue said...

@conan_cat: So ur back from BKK? I jusr touched down airport last night. My insomnia was miraculously cured while in BKK!! :P