Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fancy a robotic bride?

I think the robotic dog Sony Aibo is kinda cute, but this is definitely taking it too much...

See for yourself:

The jerky movements, expressionless face, always-open-mouth (i wonder for what purpose?) can somebody tell me which of her (or it) is sexy? And the greenish thing when the light is off is just disgusting and creepy! Btw, her mother in turban looks equally creppy LOL

I dont think it would do well even if it was manufactured as sex dolls LOL. Perhaps in the near future after the scientists improve the movement and functions, it would become more suited to be !gasp! Terminator?

Imagine if she is built-in with Wimax, wifi, bluetooth and other more advanced connectivity options, she could control devices around her remotely. And she can be a real fearsome opponent hehe..

Thinking slightly on a deeper level, why is Japanese scientist so interested in robotics and these androids? I dont think its as simple as making a companion human or dog for the general population. I fear it serves a great potential in military purposes, possibly in the near future...Or am i thinking too much? :P


Medie007 said...

eeeew scary... expressionless....

maybe if they create it like the lady robot from the future in the terminator series... :D that'd be nice. wakakkaka

bluesoule said...

medie007: then u better pray the lady robot has affection towards u, otherwise u will be deadmeat very soon LOL