Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The new iPhone 3GS is officially out with new Macbook Pro too!

Following Apple's WWDC, the new iPhone 2009, dubbed iPhone 3G(S) is officially out now. The (S) stands for speed, suppose to mean it performs faster than the old iPhone.

The specs are as mentioned in my iphone rumor post .The bump up from 16GB to 32GB is welcomed cos it means u can now store double the amount of music, videos and apps in your iphone. However, i personally feel that it should have done better. Look at the details here:

-VGA@30fps video recording (now is already the age of HD video on phone la..Think samsung omnia HD)

-auto focus camera 3.2 Megapixel with touch focus (samsung pixon and Sony Satio (Idou) is already shipping with 12 MP camera. What is 3.2 MP???)

-macro mode 10cm (my 1 year+ old SE W810i already can do better than that..)

- voice command interface (yes its useful IF im visually impaired. But then if i am visually impaired, i would not buy a touchscreen phone anyway, for obvious reason??!)

-compass (i wonder how useful is this function...when im trapped in Amazon jungle?)

If u ask me the REAL noteworthy point about this upgrade, i think the significant difference would be:

-32GB VS 16GB storage
-iPhone OS 3.0 with MMS etc intact (again not something new)
-Longer battery life (up to 5 hours on 3G and 12 hours on 2G)

well...thats about it, IMHO. So if ur an existing owner of the old iPhone, i dont think its an worthy upgrade. If ur a new user, then probably yes. But still for this price close to RM3000, i would really really expect Apple can do better than this.

On the other hand, the NEW Macbook seem more enticing offer to me.
Apple has bummed up the 13 inch Macbook to the Macbook Pro line. Price for the entry line model have also been brought down from RM4799 to RM4499!!

Now the new Macbook Pro 13 inch also sports an SD card slot, with keyboard backlighting, which was only present in the higher spec Macbook previously. The battery life been extended to 7 hours now after it was switched to non-removable battery. Aluminium unibody and other goodies are still there. Spec from apple Malaysia:

My 6 month old Macbook so fast already become obselete....Haiz....but it's ok. Difference is not to say VERY great, but its nice to have, such as:
-2.0 GHZ to 2.26GHZ
-price drop from RM4799 to Rm4499
-SD card slot
-backlighting keyboard

Throughout this 6 months of me using the Macbook, i would say its a great little laptop to have. Its definitely a head turner everywhere i bring it :P
The built in software are nice. The biggish touchpad with multitouch gesture was awesome. The removable battery makes replacement easier than changing your car tyre. I would prefer a matte screen rather than a glossy one though.

Do i miss playing games on PC? Nope. WHY? Because i seldom play games anyway. AND i do have spore, World of Goo, Age of empires III, Fallout III on my laptop. All these games play alrite because of the built-in NVIDIA graphic chip. Furthermore, i DON'T need a Mac version of the game to play. Why?

Because i have both MacosX and windows 7 running side by side in my Macbook. Problem solved :P But really, 99.9% of the time im just using the good old MacOSX.

Bottomline? This is the time to buy a brand NEW Apple Macbook Pro!

p.s. Anyone wanna sponsor me the new Macbook Pro....?


KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

32 mb costs ard 1k. cheap. speed is doubled with new os. cool.

Chris said...

Oh? how much ar?

bluesoule said...

Koala: its actually 32GB. And its not that cheap (i know ur refering to conversion of USD300, but actually that is the subsidized price by foreign telco with contract). Unlocked phones are much much more expensive, in the region of RM2960.

Chris: iPhone3GS is not yet available in Malaysia currently. A check on Maxis website shows the old rate plan with iPhone 3G only. Hope they bring in soon :) Still, my guess is its still somewhere around RM3000.

Chris said...

oic... then i check chcek oversea how much 1st n let u know. :)

bluesoule said...


dont just check, might as well "soon bin" sponsor me one lo..LOL